GREEN AT HEART: Redemption and Aera have teamed up on a shoe capsule collection for spring.

The Italian fashion brand, which is implementing sustainable processes and material sourcing with the goal of making its glamorous collections as sustainable as possible, have created a capsule of feminine styles crafted from vegan leather.

“To me sustainability is not a target but it’s an attitude, a vision to walk a path with people who are able to guide you, that is why collaboration is key to not only how we move the conversation forward, but also how to create meaningful action. Redemption is about high-glam whilst still making responsible choices,” said Redemption founder and creative director Bebe Moratti. “This is why we can make shoes that are cool and ‘rock ’n’ roll’ and still be mindful and creative with our partners. Working with Aera on this project feels so in tune with our journey and we have such a complementary synergy in our core values on an environmental and social level.”

“I greatly admire Bebe’s vision for Redemption and his commitment to sustainability and philanthropy. This partnership feels so natural not only because we have complimentary product offerings, but because of our shared values and similar visions of Italian luxury craftsmanship with a consciousness,” said Aera cofounder and chief executive officer Tina Bhojwani. “I believe that this collaboration allows us to amplify the important conversation around positive impact with a much stronger voice.”

The capsule includes Aera’s signature high and low boots, as well as heeled sandals and pumps, showing snakeskin patterns and metallic surfaces.

“Today for the future of our children we must base our product development and production on sustainability. I really like the vision of Bebe Moratti to combine a sexy, rock-‘n’-roll attitude with conscious and socially responsible design,” said Aera creative director Jean-Michel Cazabat. “All my life I’ve created shoes listening to rock music. I grew up in the Seventies with the sound of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, among others.”

The capsule will be available at Redemption’s online and physical store on New York’s Wooster Street, as well as selected retailers, beginning in December.

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