Reimagine ways to work, play and live in a future home

Lauren Gruber, for Schell Brothers
Published 6:00 a.m. ET May 28, 2021

These 5 modern design features can help any aspiring homeowner imagine the home of their dreams.

When it comes to personalized design, few things are off-limits. (Photo: Schell Brothers)

What makes a home? The answer to this question has evolved in recent years, especially after the coronavirus pandemic left millions house-bound for an extended period. While traditional homes of the past offered standard layouts with a living room and a couple of bedrooms, modern homes are perfect for design upgrades that make them personalized to the people who live, work and play there.

As it turns out, spending a lot of time at home can be a positive thing when you have the right setup. It’s no wonder today’s aspiring homeowners fantasize about dream houses with dedicated work spaces, entertainment options and plenty of room for spending precious time with family. But it can seem difficult to transfer these dreams to reality, especially in today’s competitive real estate market.

Delaware’s Schell Brothers, a leading home construction company, offers high-performance homes with design options that are similar to premium custom homes but available at more reasonable costs.

When it comes to personalized design, few things are off-limits. Here are five fun ways aspiring property owners can create personalized and appealing homes:

1. Set up your workstation.

Setting up a workstation is an ideal option for many aspiring homeowners. (Photo: Schell Brothers)

Working from home was a growing trend even before the COVID-19 pandemic, which contributed to a huge rise in remote work. While many will be returning to their offices, plenty will continue working from home either all or part of the time. Having a comfortable, dedicated space can make all the difference for anyone who works virtually.

If you’re working from home every day, it’s can be critical to have a home that is not only pleasant (for work and life) but also energy-efficient to help save on bills. Luckily, Schell Brothers homes can help frequent telecommuters save money and concentrate on work. Its homes are more than 50% more energy efficient than standard new homes. As part of the Schell Brothers’ Enerwize program, the company ensures that its homes surpass Energy Star ratings and decrease homeowners’ utility bills, with features like ultra-energy-efficient windows, thicker exterior walls that provide extra insulation, and advanced air-leakage prevention via proper duct-sealing techniques and spray foam application.

2. Create relaxing and scenic outdoor spaces.

Outdoor features like serene water fountains, grill areas, and trellises provide classy and relaxing settings to take a breather. (Photo: Schell Brothers)

Home doesn’t only have to be a hectic space for work, chores or maintenance projects. It should also be a sanctuary where you can unwind from the stresses of the outside world – even in the comfort of your own backyard. As the desire for outdoor amenities grows in popularity among homeowners, these personalized spaces can provide a scenic escape from the daily grind.

In some Schell Brothers properties, outdoor features like serene water fountains, grill areas, and trellises that frame dining spaces provide classy and relaxing settings to take a breather. Elegant fireplaces serve as the focal point, adding a laidback and intimate atmosphere to lounge in with loved ones year-round. Schell Brothers also designs multi-level courtyards that help beautify and organize these landscaped patios and pathways so that homeowners can make the most out of these scenic outdoor spaces.

3. Design a gourmet kitchen.

A personalized gourmet kitchen offers families all the amenities they need to whip up a satisfying meal and enjoy an intimate setting with each other. (Photo: Schell Brothers)

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where you gather as you start the day with your family and it’s where you wind down together over dinner. A personalized gourmet kitchen offers families all the amenities they need to whip up a satisfying meal, but also to enjoy an intimate setting with each other.

While kitchens are the perfect place to create and experiment with ingredients and recipes, you can also channel that creativity and experimentation into designing a colorful and inspiring kitchen at the Schell Brothers Dare to Dream Interactive Design Studio. A design professional helps buyers choose from beautiful finishes like brushed nickel lighting fixtures and gourmet ovens and cooktops. The Online Design Studio also allows the creative in you to build collages that fit your culinary dreams. As the famous chef Julia Child said, “there’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.”

4. Plan engaging entertainment areas.

Who needs to drive to the cinema when you have an in-home theater? Whether you’re entertaining family or friends, home theaters have rebounded as a popular home design option for film buffs who want to save money and stay in to enjoy a Hollywood classic or an action-packed epic.

Home theaters are an appealing selling point in some Schell Brothers home floor plans, but even if you don’t go all-in on professional-grade theater seating, the company offers surround sound packages and multi-room audio setups to optimize media rooms or make any part of the home the center of the party.

5. Form a destination for future generations.

A home is all about creating lasting memories, and many homeowners want a place that their family and future generations can cherish for decades to come. It’s only natural that a home’s longevity and security are top of mind, which is no surprise since today’s homeowners place more value on personalized spaces, energy efficiency and best-in-class building materials than they have in the past.

Today’s homeowners place more value on personalized spaces, energy efficiency and best-in-class building materials than they have in the past. (Photo: Schell Brothers)

Schell Brothers ensures that families enjoy the safety and durability of a home through 4Tress building techniques. Leak prevention systems, advanced building frames and stronger walls help homes stand the test of time. Complementing this resilient construction is cutting-edge smart home technology, such as communicating thermostats that monitor and control temperatures, and variable-speed HVAC systems that regulate humidity and help prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and allergens.

Schell Brothers builds upon the idea that well-being is central to home life, ensuring that your house is a healthier, more comfortable place to live. Their SanctuAIR option, for example, prevents poor indoor air quality through hospital-grade air filters and materials that have few to no volatile organic compounds, which can be toxic and harmful to your health. Most of Schell Brothers’ materials are Greenguard certified, meaning the products have been screened for more than 10,000 chemicals. Homeowners can rest assured their property is both safe and healthy for their children and grandchildren, so they can enjoy any space they wish to personalize!

People who consciously choose homes that have these qualities can preserve the memories they make with their loved ones without having to worry about their safety or well-being. And if future generations move in years later, they can appreciate the choices of those who came before them while adding personalization of their own.

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