Yes, it’s possible to hang up a gallery wall without making 10,000 holes in your wall.

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Apply some peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a bold statement wall in your living room or bedroom without having to paint. It’s also easily removable for move-out day.


Check out our comprehensive guide to buying wallpaper online.

Promising review: “Love, love, love this wallpaper!!! It is beautiful and unique, refined and elegant, and heavy-duty quality. I found it super easy to install, though I opted to use it for a room border versus full wall coverage. I also found it very forgiving, allowing me to pull it back off and adjust areas without leaving permanent dents in the design. It gave my son’s bedroom a whole new look and I have gotten lots of compliments on this wallpaper!” —MB

Get it from Amazon for $30.80+ (available in three colors).


Or stick this removable botanical wallpaper to the walls of your closet to make you feel like you’re shopping at a fancy designer store every time you get dressed.

One roll measures 20.5″x18′ and covers about 30.75 square feet.

Promising review: “This wallpaper is not sticky, it is tacky. That’s what allows it to be removed without damaging the wall. I was able to reposition it once or twice on a freshly painted eggshell finish wall. I think people who are having issues with it falling down are either putting it on flat paint or a dirty wall. Make sure to wash off your wall before trying to put this up otherwise it will just stick to the dust then fall off. I found the pattern easy to line up, it repeats perfectly. The background of the print almost makes it look like it is made from linen.” —C. Schaffer

Get it from Amazon for $30.61 (also available in blue).


If you want to modernize your kitchen in a renter-friendly way, try out some peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash. Your kitchen will look more streamlined, and people will think you hired a professional to do it.,

Promising review: “This peel and stick tile backsplash has completely changed the look of our kitchen. It was relatively easy to install and it was our first time using any peel and stick product. One thing we did learn is once it’s on the wall…it’s not coming off easily. I would highly recommend using the glass cleaner method — this will allow more time to fix your placement if you don’t have it just right. Overall, this product is totally worth the price and little time it takes to apply. P.S. It’s a great quarantine project if you’re looking for one! :)” —Nikki Moody

Get a 10-pack of 12×12 panels from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in five colors).


Add a fun pop of color with these book sets that you can request in whatever color you want. These are actual repurposed books, which means you’ll be giving old, forgotten novels a new, pretty purpose as they brighten up your shelves.

Amazon Handmade

Covogoods is a Utah-based small business on Amazon Handmade specializing in unique and colorful book designs for any space.

Promising review: “If you’ve been looking for decorative books, then look no more — you’ve found your shop! Colors are true to photos and I love how they were real books! Not those hallow, fake ones you see. This made decorating very easy, fast shipping, and quality suburb. Will be ordering more from here in the future!” —JH2

Get a set from Covogoods on Amazon Handmade starting at $4 (packages start with just one book and go up to 25 books, they’re also available in 16 colors including custom colors).


And to make your bookshelves even more colorful, place this set of geode bookends around your favorite books so visitors will be sure to notice how well-read you are., Amazon

They also look pretty dang gorgeous just sitting there by themselves!

Promising review: “Love it — the rocks are BEAUTIFUL. Showed up on time and these are great bookholders. I have them across my fireplace mantle and have had nothing but compliments. Highly recommended for the crystal quality and I’ll definitely be ordering more in other colors in the future. Thanks.” —Gage

Get a pair from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in six colors and four weights).


If you’re looking to tidy up all the cords in your house, you can easily hide your bulky router in a binder and place it on your bookshelf.

Just cover a binder with fabric or a book sleeve and stick your router in the middle. 

Learn how to do it here.


Show off your favorite art or some family photos with a guided gallery wall kit that includes seven frames, a hanging template, and hardware. The accuracy of the template ensures you’ll only have to make one hole in the wall for each frame — much easier to fill in when you move.

Promising review: “I love this set! It was delivered quickly, all of the frames and glass came in perfect condition. My favorite part of the entire thing was the guide it came with. After putting the pictures in the frames, I hung the guide, made sure it was level, and drilled the holes right into the paper. Everything came out level, the frames and pictures look great. Definitely happy with this purchase.” —Cristina C Sanchez

Get it from Amazon for $47.99+ (available in three finishes).


Then, utilize this picture-hanging tool when you actually start hanging up your frames. It comes equipped with a tape measure, a level, and two sliding points so you can easily mark the exact spots you’ll need to hammer in the nails. Finally — something that takes the stress out of making sure everything is level and even on your walls!


Say goodbye to the days you confidently hang up a photo, step back, and realize it’s ridiculously crooked.

Promising review: “While hanging shelves and frames and other wall decorations shouldn’t be rocket science, I make things more complicated than they should be. Leveling is where I normally falter. With the Hang-O-Matic it becomes an exact science! It’s so simple to use! I’ve hung over 10 items on our walls this past weekend and it was a breeze with this tool. Just measure, put the tape to the wall where you want it, ensure your tape is level, and then push the marker pins in to know where you need to put in your anchors/hooks. When you’re doing it solo, this tool is absolutely priceless!” —Shameel Kumar

Get it on Amazon for $14.98.


And if you do end up with lots of small holes in your wall, cover them up with this drywall repair putty that you apply in a small circular motion — no spackling or sanding down necessary.


Promising review: “Does exactly what it says. Rather than getting spackle, waiting for it to dry, sanding it down, and tweaking as needed — this cuts the time/effort down! Just rub over the place in need of patching and wipe off the excess. The hardest part is not accidentally getting the product on parts of the wall that don’t need it, but that’s easy to clean up, so it’s not a problem. I used this to patch holes in the wall from a former Wi-Fi router and modem, other than the color difference from the patch to the paint, you’d never know it was patched. Great price, easy to use.” —Amanda

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.


Or, put down the nail and hammer and instead start embracing Command picture hanging strips that are not only super strong but can also be removed easily without damaging the wall. Go ahead and hang up that huge canvas that’s currently sitting on the floor — four pairs of strips can hold up to 16 pounds!,

Promising review: “I’ve been wanting to hang up a bunch more pictures and prints, but as I rent — the idea of punching a bunch of nails or screws in the walls is harrowing. So, I thought I’d give these a shot. I’m obsessed. I used the whole pack in an hour, popping up some of my favorite pictures with ease. I’ve already bought more to hang more. It’s super easy, and way less stressful because if it looks wonky — pluck it off, try again. No harm to the wall!” —Spunky Girl

Get a 14-pack from Amazon for $12.22 (available in two colors).


Speaking of hanging up pictures, download these 10 neutral and abstract art prints and place them in your frames to instantly make your space look more grown-up and put-together in a budget-friendly way.

Kiki and Nim / Etsy

Each order comes with JPG files of the designs in four different sizes.

Kiki and Nim is a Black woman-owned small business based in Dallas that makes so many stylish, instantly downloadable works of art for every room and occasion, including pre-curated gallery walls like this one!

Promising review: “I love this artwork and the delivery/download experience was super easy.” —Bairdness

Get a set of 10 prints from Kiki and Nim on Etsy for $17.60 (originally $22).


Install a curtain rod without any hardware when you use a set of NoNo Brackets. They easily mount to your existing blinds, and all you have to do is place the rod into the rounded space. Genius!

Promising review: “This bracket is awesome and was extremely easy to install. We were able to hang curtains over our vertical blinds in just a few minutes and didn’t even need any tools. Great product!!!” —Amazon Customer

Get a set of two from Amazon for $14.95 (also available in brown).


Using those NoNo brackets we just mentioned, hang up these blackout velvet curtains that are as beautiful as they are functional. Now you’ll finally be able to sleep in on the weekends without the sun streaming in and waking you up at 6 a.m.

Promising review: “I am beyond thrilled with these curtains, they are very soft and solid material (think heavyweight upholstery). LOVE THEM!!! They do keep the light out and help keep the room noticeably cooler — the windows get full sun all day, this room gets hot in summer and the curtains make it so much nicer. I’d give these curtains a 10 if I could.” —Angelia Olson

Get them on Amazon for $27.99+ per 84″ panel (available in four lengths and six colors).


Place a colorful area rug to breathe new life into your living room in an instant. If you feel like your apartment is missing something, chances are this area rug is the finishing touch you’re looking for.,

Promising review: “Quite simply, I am in love with this rug. This is one of those rare instances in which the product looks way better in real life than it does in the online photos. The colors are beautiful — warm and soft at the same time. For such a flat rug, it’s got a luxurious, cushy feel to it. And there was absolutely no shedding whatsoever after I unfurled it. Fantastic rug at an incredibly reasonable price. I am delighted.” –Adam J. Sank

Get it from Amazon for $26.49+ (available in 28 sizes and seven patterns)

Now they’ll blend into your decor instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Learn how to do it here via The Vow.

This hack is as useful as it is pretty — the rope will insulate the heat and protect you from burning yourself if you touch the pipe. See it here via Apartment Therapy.


Create more counter space with this wooden stove top cover. If you’re constantly moving things around on your kitchen counters just to carve out some space to chop your veggies, this will make your life so much easier.

Suburban Farmhouse / Etsy

You can also get it personalized with your family’s last name or initials.

Suburban Farmhouse is a small business based in New Jersey creating personalized home decor.

Promising review: “I’m in LOVE! 😍😍😍 This piece EXCEEDED my expectations!!! It is absolutely beautiful, and it goes so well with my kitchen! It’s functional and gives us extra space. Thank you!” —Lakesha Golden

Get it from Suburban Farmhouse on Etsy for $84.96+ (available in five stain colors and eight styles).


Remodel your less-than-charming kitchen tiles with these adhesive floor tiles that are water-resistant and washable. It’ll make your kitchen look so much more attractive!

Each tile is 12″ x 12″ in size!

Promising review: “These are awesome! I have hated my kitchen floor since I moved in. I rent, so I didn’t think I could afford to change it. I found these though and it now looks 110% better!!” —Mic Fo

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $13.88.


Create a sophisticated corner in your apartment with this bar cart that has so much space for all your bottles, drinkware, and even some decorative items. The black bars and faux white marble look so great in person, no one will ever believe the price you paid for it!

Promising review: “Are you kidding me! Do you know how high-end and sophisticated this looks for only a fraction of the price. Its EPIC! So stunning, so easy to put together, I stand and admire it all the time. What a great Amazon find. It matches all my high-end West Elm furniture, yet I got it for a fraction of the price. If you get too close and have a sharp eye you’ll notice it’s not real marble — but if you put things on it as I did you’ll NEVER know.” —Jahan Lopes

Get it from Amazon for $162.39+ (also available in black or gold).


Give your bathroom some personality with this abstract and artsy shower curtain — you deserve to be surrounded by beauty even when you’re scrubbing your pits in the morning!


Promising review: “Cute shower curtain to mix up the bathroom. The print is very cute and goes well with the light pink tiles in my bathroom. The print is very accurate to the picture, colors are just as vibrant, and the picture is clear. It is as good of a shower curtain as any; not particularly nice but it’s not see-through and it dries quickly when it gets wet.” —Nicole Adler

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in two sizes).


Set up these velvet mid-century lounge chairs in an empty corner or behind your couch to create a perfect sitting nook that looks straight out of an expertly designed hotel lobby.

Promising review:These are the ‘wow’ in my living room. I’d buy more if I had the space. The grey is so nice and elegant. The gold on the gray is stunning. I love these.” —Malone B.

Get it from Amazon for $205.99+ (available in nine colors).


Decant all your hair and body products into these sleek soap dispensers so the inside of your shower looks streamlined, polished, and aesthetically pleasing. Plus: now you’ll know exactly when you’re about to run out of shampoo!

Promising review: “I purchased these to use as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers. I wanted our shower to look like a spa! They are great quality and many people I know have copied our idea, so they are a hit! Very high quality, the plunger part is always the most important part. These are metal and not plastic, something which seems to be hard to find when looking for dispensers.” —Rebecca Morea

Get set of two from Amazon for $13.99.,

Promising review: “I am absolutely in love with this statement piece! The moons are so well crafted and the metal doesn’t feel cheap. The packaging was so cute I want to keep it. Even came with a cute little care card. Perfect to help brighten up any room in your house!” —Roriann

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


Invest in some new linens and plush pillows, and read up on interior design diagrams to figure out how to configure all your new bedding. It’s a low-effort hack that will up the elegance of your apartment straight away.


Apply this window film to create a stained-glass effect that will cast beautiful rainbow light all around your apartment. They stay on your window thanks to static cling, which makes them easy to remove or move around.,

It’s also a great way to add some privacy on windows where you can’t easily place curtains or blinds.

Promising review: “I have a weird skinny window in my house where no normal window covering works. People walking on our community trail can see up into our upstairs bathroom when the light is on and it’s dark outside. Not a good plan at all. So I used this window film and cut different sized circles and placed then on this window to interrupt the view into the house. Worked perfectly! Very easy to use.” —Marsgard

Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in seven sizes).


Make a statement with this beautiful rounded decal that can easily take the place of a headboard. It’ll look like you painted it yourself when, in reality, you just stuck it on your wall. Don’t worry — your secret is safe with us!

Lili Momo Designs / Etsy

This cute small business, based in Black Rock, Connecticut, creates stunning wall murals and decals, plus event signs and more.

Promising review: “AMAZING!! I have trouble seeing shades of grey, particularly on computer screens, but the shop owner kindly worked with me developing this custom piece. She was so patient and kind, because it took a few mock ups. I really appreciated her willingness to work with me and help me achieve the look I wanted. I can’t thank her enough, you won’t regret working with her.” —GitaJafar

Get it from Lili Momo Designs on Etsy for $64.80+ (available in three sizes).


Install interlocking Teak tiles in your patio, balcony, or backyard to make your little slice of the outdoors look like a fancy courtyard. Don’t have any outdoor space? You can put them at the bottom of your shower — instant spa status!,

Promising review:Living in Hawaii, you have to select wise items that are weather-, salt-, and red dirt–proof, etc… In total I ordered 11 boxes to complete my yoga deck. I have a few left over to make steps on the back. Very pleased and happy. May order more for an outdoor shower project!” —Adazzle

Get 10 sq. ft from Amazon for $77.99.


Instantly make your space feel more intimate and welcoming with an LED twinkle light curtain — it gives off a cozy glow that’ll make you want to curl up under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea., Amazon

Plug it into an outlet, and the 300 warm LEDs will make your wall or window glow. Oh, and they have eight different mode settings for a nice, cozy twinkle. They’re even waterproof so you can use them outside!

Promising review: “Perfect for my small apartment! These lights added such a cozy touch to my dining room!” —Brandon Youngman

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in warm white or multicolor).


To add more greenery to your space, suspend a rod across your cabinets so you can hang plants without having to drill holes into your ceiling, which both your landlord and your upstairs neighbor will appreciate.


Use these stick-on lights any place you want some better lighting — and you don’t even have to worry about outlets or electrical wiring! It’s such a simple yet effective upgrade to your kitchen, closet, bathroom, or anywhere else you plan to put them.

Includes a remote that can adjust the brightness.

Promising review “This is a wonderful product; just what I wanted. Super easy to install and I love that it breaks off into sections so you don’t have any hanging over to hide. The remote is awesome and there are lots of brightness settings. I’m going to use these everywhere!” —Queen Halloween

Get the six-piece kit from Amazon for $20.99 (available in two light colors).


If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub in your apartment, place this adjustable bathtub caddy in it so you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis where you can soak all your worries away.,

Promising review: “I didn’t take baths for the longest time because I found it inconvenient and couldn’t relax. The few times I took a bath in this tub prior to getting a bath tray, I would put my iPad on the toilet a few feet away out of arms reach. Needless to say I’d be getting up every so often to adjust the volume, change the show, etc. I am so happy I ordered this! I can put my iPad or a book against the metal rest, have a drink, put my phone in the phone holder, and put some decorative candles in the sides. I am now a bath lover and would recommend this product to anyone looking to step up their bath or relaxation routine. I can now relax in the tub and multitask easily! My cat even jumped up on the bath tray while I was in the tub and it was completely sturdy. I’ve bought this as a gift for both my mom and boyfriend’s mom because I love this product so much!” –Sierra Ritchie-Gruver

Get it from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in seven colors).


Place an electric wax melter in your bedroom if you’re a forgetful person and can’t trust yourself around an open flame. After all, you won’t be getting that deposit back if your candle catches something on fire!


Promising review: “Love this wax warmer. I enjoy the simplicity of the style. The light is bright enough for my entryway which I use instead of my house lights during the night. The warmer tray can get pretty hot when taking it out to dispose of the wax, but not to the point it’s unbearable. I usually use a paper towel when removing it.” —Scott C.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in four colors).


Display a bouquet of “forever” flowers so you never have to remember to pick up fresh ones at the grocery store every week. Each handmade bouquet is made from dried flowers and is completely one of a kind, making it a beautifully unique piece of decor everyone will be asking you about.

East Olivia

East Olivia is a woman-owned small business in New York City that pivoted during the pandemic from being a creative agency to developing these innovative “forever” flowers that you’ll want to keep in your home, well, forever. 

Get the XL “Sarah” bouquet from East Olivia for $175.


Use a roll of faux-marble contact paper to give your sad, old-looking counters a much-needed facelift. You can also use this to transform simple pieces of furniture into more interesting pieces.,

Promising review: “So Pinteresting! I used this adhesive film to turn two cheap Ikea tables into less-cheap-looking Ikea tables because I’m not made of money but I would like others to believe I am. Super simple to use and a ton of it for the price I was really pleased overall. The pattern actually looks like marble not a weird pixel-y repetitive pattern so that’s great as well. Also it was delivered same day which was miraculous as my DIY inspiration tends to fade approximately 48 hours after I discover a project I want to do.” —Spencer House

Get a 17″ x 78″ roll from Amazon for $11.64.


Attach a plug-in wall sconce to your wall so you can get a stylish light fixture right by your bed — no electrical work necessary. Not only will it make your room feel fancier, but it’ll also free up your bedside table for more decor.,

Promising review: “These are perfect. They look great, work exactly like I need them to, and in our apartment, enable us to have reading lamps without a rewiring job since they just plug in. They also came with cute Edison-looking bulbs that fit in the sconce perfectly and match the look of the light very nicely. We’re super pleased.” —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $32.99 (available in three finishes).


Line your windows or walls with some fake vines to make you feel like you’re living in a lush garden, even if your tiny studio barely gets enough sunlight to keep a succulent alive.

Promising review: “This vine looks pretty good for the money. It’s great for filling in any area with green. I tugged pretty hard on it to get it through a trellis and not one leaf fell off. It is super durable. There is no color variation so I may weave another vine through with this vine.” —Metz

Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $15.99.


Prop up a full-length mirror that comes with a kickstand in a corner so you don’t have to drill lots of holes or anchors into your wall to keep it hanging up.

Promising review: “The mirror arrived very well packaged and hardly any wear and tear on the box at all. The sturdiness of the mirror is very impressive and it’s beautiful. Not a scratch on the frame or mirror itself. Very impressed overall.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in three finishes).


Hang a eucalyptus shower bunch around your showerhead so you can instantly feel like you’re showering in a spa. Plus: it’s a great way to add some color if you have a mostly stark-white bathroom.

Eucalyptus Blooms / Etsy

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Etsy small business Eucalyptus Blooms sells all sorts of fragrant products from scented potpourri and sachets to lavender-infused loofahs and soaps.

Promising review: “So impressed! It made such a difference in my shower. It was a major upgrade to the space and the experience. Arrived in great condition and looks just like pictures. Plus the included hook made for quick, easy and sturdy hanging. Highly recommend!” —Tara Finkelstein

Get it from Eucalyptus Blooms on Etsy for $14.28+ (available in three sizes or a bundle of two).


Dress up your entryway with this organizer to create a perfect place for hanging up your bags and shoes when you come in at the end of a long day. The best part? You don’t have to drill any holes into the wall!

Promising review: “Love this thing! It fit perfectly with my decor. I always get compliments from people. So convenient for keys and jackets and purses and shoes. Just a nice entrance thing. Right now it’s filled with BS but it’s nicer when it’s organized LOL.” —Kasandra R.

Get it from Amazon for $70.99+ (available in four colors).


Hang up an adjustable closet rod to instantly add another layer of hanging space. Many apartments, especially in big cities, have notoriously small closets, and this is a great way to maximize the precious storage space you have!

The horizontal bar can expand from 18 inches to the max 30 inches, and the hanging height can be adjusted by 1-inch increments.

Promising review: “This product has been one of my favorite Amazon finds, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. It has doubled my closet space in my apartment where I can’t make any damage to my closet in terms of adding another permanent shelf so this has been a perfect solution. It was easy to assemble and is sturdy; I’ve had it for a couple weeks now with no issue. My only complaint, which is not a fault of the product, is your closet has to be pretty high for this to work or else your shirts above are going to get caught on the hangers below and, for my case, some of my shirts are dragging on the floor. So just keep this in mind when you’re thinking about purchasing: you want your closet to be decently tall for this product to work.” —Alex

Get it from Amazon for $16.87 (available in two colors).


Add more storage space to your tiny bathroom with this over-the-toilet organizer with plenty of room to hold all your essentials, candles, and a roll or two of toilet paper.

Promising review: “I LOVE this piece of furniture. My bathroom is ridiculously small so I have always felt like I couldn’t decorate in there but this shelf is a game changer. I absolutely adore my bathroom now!! Assembly was a piece of cake, directions were super easy to follow. The shelf comes with anchors, so this thing is going nowhere, very sturdy. The bamboo itself seems to be pretty decent also, this is my first piece of bamboo furniture, I love it.” —Kristen

Get it from Amazon for $69.99.


Spice up your light switches with these metallic switch covers for a much more sophisticated and modern feel. Just remember to swap in the original switches whenever you move out!

Promising review: “The satin nickel wall plate switch covers are just what we were looking for. We found a good selection on Amazon with very fair prices. They arrived promptly and were easy to install. The switchplates come with screws to match. You can easily add dimmers to these switch plates. We love the way they look and recommend highly.” —Deborah Beck

Get four from Amazon for $21.89+ (available in larger quantities and in six styles).


Liven up bare counters or shelves with a decorative tray like this vintage-inspired mirrored one with serious Pride & Prejudice vibes. They’re very lightweight, so you could also hang them up on your wall using Command tape.,

Many reviewers use this mirror as a decorative tray to store jewelry or perfume!

Promising review: “I love them!!! What I was looking for were gold and white mirrors. The only ones I could find were expensive and had that cheap gold look. I use these mirrors on my wall in the bathroom. They look better than the picture, very elegant and antique and expensive. I purchased two of them because of the size which turned out perfect. I would buy again.” —Trevor Lang

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors).

Time to start upgrading your apartment with the comfort that you’ll still be getting a big fat check back when you move out!


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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