Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Sumo Digital have released the online multiplayer update for 3D platforming adventure Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The update also adds the option to transfer save data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

Here is an overview of online multiplayer and save data transfer, via Sumo Digital design director Ned Waterhouse on the PlayStation Blog:

Teamwork Levels

You can play through Sackboy’s whole adventure from start to finish with up to three companions. And we have included a set of ten dedicated Teamwork Levels where you and your friends will have to work together if you want to succeed. There are two Teamwork Levels in each of the five main game worlds. In these exclusive multiplayer stages, you and your team will need to collaborate, coordinate and communicate to reach your goal. And you should expect that at some point it will go completely pear-shaped, often with hilarious consequences.

Guide, Goad, and Grief Your Friends

There are a bunch of multiplayer moves with which to both assist and annoy your chums. Experiment with slapping, grabbing, and rolling into other players. Then dodge out of the way before they do the same to you. Also, a word of warning: take care when wielding the Swingamajig with other Sackfolk around. You don’t want to do anyone a disservice… do you?

As well as these fun ways to aggravate aid your companions there are also co-op emotes so you and your friends can show your appreciation for each other with hugs, high-fives and chest-bumps. You can unlock co-op emotes with collectabells or discover them in prize bubbles. Equip co-op emotes in the wardrobe at Zom Zom’s and use them by pressing the D-Pad and having your buddy stand next to you and press the D-Pad too.

Everyone’s a Winner!

Levels include rewards for bronze, silver and gold high scores. In multiplayer you earn (and lose) score as a team. To score big make sure you use your x2 multipliers wisely, take out as many enemies as you can and pick up those high-value collectables. If you work together you can rack up loads of points! It’s worth it because when you hit the scoreboard everyone gets prizes.

Keep Your Progress

What if you spend a bunch of time playing online helping someone else on their adventure? What happens to all of those valuable, hard-earned Dreamer Orbs you’ve discovered? Fear not! When you return to your adventure your progress will be carried over to your local game, so you keep all of those hard-won orbs.

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 Cross-Play

This game is awesome fun in multiplayer and we wanted to make sure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to enjoy it with their friends. So we have included support for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 Cross-Play.*

PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 Save Transfer

This new update isn’t just about online multiplayer, we have also included an option to transfer your PlayStation 4 adventure progress over to PlayStation 5. To do this, simply load Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PlayStation 4, select Extras in the pause menu and follow the instructions.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is available now for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Watch a new trailer below.

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