• Samsung unveiled its 2021 digital cockpit that can transform into other spaces like an office.
  • The system can also sense when its passengers are stressed, and will set the mood accordingly.
  • The interior is decked out with several screens, both big and small.
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Samsung has unveiled its 2021 digital cockpit with a giant screen that can pull up in front of the windshield, turning the car into an office, video recording studio, and gaming room.

The digital cockpit concept was first unveiled at 2018’s CES, and has been updated every year since. According to Samsung, this year’s digital cockpit was created to “focus on simplifying communication and delivering fun on-the-go experiences.”

“The digital cockpit 2021 is a solution that transforms a car from transportation to a daily living and life space,” Wonsik Lee, the executive vice president and head of the research and design group of Samsung’s Automotive Electronics Business Team, said in a YouTube video explanation of the digital cockpit. 

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This year’s latest digital cockpit follows concept trends employed by automakers like Toyota with its passenger stress level sensing capabilities and suite of screens galore. But unlike other concepts unveiled before the COVID-19 crisis, Samsung’s new cockpit can turn into an office, which is perfect for the recent rise in remote working.

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