Already planning what to do with your children over the summer holidays? Well, this Entertain the Kids bundle by the International Open Academy is ideal for you. The bundle includes three accessible and interactive video courses for your whole family to enjoy: Cooking with Kids; Quilting with Kids; and Science with Kids. And while it usually costs £297, with this special deal you can get it for just £34.99 – that’s a huge saving of 88%! Simply use the code IOAKIDSBUNDLE at the checkout.

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This great Entertain the Kids bundle will help you to cook with your little ones, do home experiments and show you how to sew a quilt together. Just don’t forget to use the code IOAKIDSBUNDLE at the checkout to take advantage of this offer. The bundle features:

Cooking with Kids, a 25-part course that can make healthy eating fun and exciting. It’s perfect for kids who are curious about food and want to get more involved in cooking, as well as parents struggling to get their child to eat healthily…

  • You’ll discover 25 healthy recipes that kids love. The recipes are fun, fast, hassle-free and delicious, plus they can help to build healthy habits and allow you to enjoy quality time and create memories together.
  • Learn the simple psychology behind why kids love certain foods, and the little-known tricks that will encourage even the pickiest eaters to eat healthier alternatives.
  • Transform the way your children look at mealtime and get them excited about eating healthy food, laying the foundation for a happy and healthy life.
  • After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive your PDF certificate. You can also request a hard copy to be sent to your address for a small printing and postage fee.

Home Science Experiments with Kids, a course that includes 50 fun, exciting and madcap experiments for you to try at home using household objects. Your children will discover how an invisibility cloak works, make cardboard tubes fly, write messages in invisible ink, fly a hot-air balloon powered by the toaster, make a volcano – and erupt it in the garden, create fizzy candy, produce electric slime and much more! It’s ideal for children who love seeing how things work and try stuff for themselves…

  • For each easy-to-follow experiment, the fun stiff comes first – you’ll carry out the experiment and create some magic, then you’ll find out why it works and the science behind it, and finally you’ll see how it relates to the real world.
  • The inspiring experiments are so entertaining the kids will want to do them again and again, plus they’ll help spark an interest in science, encourage them to try something new and show how science is connected to our everyday lives.
  • After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive your PDF certificate. You can also request a hard copy to be sent to your address for a small printing and postage fee.

Quilting with Kids, a course that will show you how to make something new and beautiful out of old clothes and materials that may otherwise be thrown away. Creating quilts, decorations, wall hangings and more made with love will help your children appreciate a no-waste lifestyle and the importance of recycling, and allow you to spend quality time together while being creative…

  • You’ll have 24 fun and easy designs to follow from start to finish. Don’t worry if you’ve never sewn before, you’ll start with beginner basics by making fancy napkins, before building your skills to produce wall hangings, quilts, personalised pillowcases and much more. You can even use the quilting templates to set out your own designs and colours.
  • Quilting is an amazing skill for children to learn. They’ll follow step-by-step instructions from start to finish, grow in confidence as they become more skilled, feed their creativity and imagination, improve their maths skills by taking measurements and working out how much fabric they need, develop their communication skills by listening to instructions and asking questions, enjoy a great sense of achievement when they finish a project and learn the practical skill of sewing in a fun way so they can mend or make clothes.
  • After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive your PDF certificate. You can also request a hard copy to be sent to your address for a small printing and postage fee.

International Open Academy (IOA) provides a broad range of e-learning classes, which usher every student into a comfortable front row seat. The video courses ensure you won’t miss a single detail, and all IOA teachers are experts and industry stars. The classes are designed to be accessible, interactive and fuelled by the energy of hundreds of creative people working on the same mission. Whatever your needs or interests, IOA can help you to take big leaps, fast.

Save 88% now

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