There are few activities that fit the autumnal, Halloween season better than pumpkin carving. That’s why we’ve swapped our pens, pencils, and tablets for some more appropriate tools for the season. Yes, the Polygon staff got out our carving tools, pumpkins, and honeydew melons — you’ll see — to create some art. Forget Polygon Draws. This is Polygon Carves.

The prompt? We asked the staff to carve their favorite video game ghosts into their pumpkins. (Or melon.) Here’s what we came up with.

Kamaro, by Brian Gilbert

Majora’s Mask is a game filled with ghosts, but for some reason, Kamaro is the one that always stuck with me. He’s just a mostly nude guy with a top knot, and his main regret is not being able to teach more people his sweet dance before he died. Regardless of his chill ghosthood, he still has the scariest mask in the entire game. Why did he insist on stapling his bust onto what looks like a mask made of human flesh instead of having a normal mask of his face? That’s just the kind of visionary Kamaro is.”

Gengar, by Chelsea Stark

“There is no Pokémon ghost more iconic than Gengar, and I knew his grin would make an excellent pumpkin. He only needs a pair of eyes and teeth to be perfect.”

Wisp, by Emily Heller

“I visited 4 bodegas and 2 grocery stores looking for a pumpkin to carve to no avail. No one in my neighborhood was selling pumpkins!! But necessity is the mother of invention. I decided to improvise by carving a honeydew melon and I think it worked out great. The pale green exterior was perfect for Animal Crossing’s resident ghost, Wisp. Sure, he rotted almost immediately, but he also won the approval of Charlie Hall’s daughters, who voted it their favorite of the Polygon jack-o-lanterns. That’s the best endorsement I could ask for.”

Driftloon, by Jenna Stoeber

“I was originally going to carve a Gastly to match Chelsea’s Gengar but when I looked at example pumpkins online I got intimidated and decided Drifloon would be easier. This decision increased my enjoyment of the process and final product immensely.”

Pikmin ghosts, by Karen Han

“The most heartbreaking video game thing in the world (to me) is when your Pikmin die when you send them into battle. This is a memorial to those Pikmin.”

Sinistea, by Nicole Carpenter

“This is Sinistea, a ghost-type Pokémon, and not the teacup from Beauty and the Beast. I tried very hard.”

Spiritomb, by Michael McWhertor

Photo: Michael McWhertor/Polygon

“When proposing ideas for Polygon Carves, I submitted the brilliant ‘video game ghosts’ idea, my mind swimming with the numerous possibilities of video game ghost fodder for jack-o-lanterns. Turns out there aren’t as many video game ghosts that jibe with my personal carving style. But I have been playing a ton of Pokémon Go lately, snatching up Spiritombs during the ongoing Halloween event, and ol’ Spiritomb just has that classic, fang-filled jack-o-lantern face that I love.

“I still need a tomb to make this Spiritomb complete. Time to track down a white pumpkin for a base…”

Cyndaquil, by Petrana Radulovic

“I know it’s not a ghost but I couldn’t pass up a chance to carve my favorite starter because I love him.”

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