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2020 has been a challenging year economically and socially. Many people lost jobs, and many more are questioning the stability of their careers. As the economy stabilizes and companies start hiring once again, the job market will be more competitive than ever.

LinkedIn recently published a list of the most in-demand skills based on what companies need most in 2020. These range from hard-skills on new and evolving technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain, to soft skills that everyone should master such as project management and analytical reasoning. Adding these skills to your arsenal gives you a leg up in today’s competitive job market, so we’ve lined up seven deals on eLearning courses to give you an advantage in 2020.

1. Creativity: The Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification Bundle – $39

You may not work in a creative field, but creative skills are slowly working their way into every industry. Knowing how to edit photos, videos, and graphics on the fly can help you stand out amongst your peers when it’s time to deliver presentations or pitch decks. The Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification Bundle contains nine courses that will teach you the fundamentals of creativity, ranging from graphic design to special effects. You’ll learn best practices for Adobe CC’s most popular apps, including Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, and more.

2. Persuasion: The Mastering Presentation & Public Speaking Certification Bundle – $39.99

Speaking of presentation skills, your ability to pitch ideas goes beyond well-designed slides and animations. You need to be a confident speaker in order to communicate your ideas effectively. The Mastering Presentation & Speaking Certification Bundle features six courses that will teach you skills necessary to present with confidence, such as creating an enticing story without sounding too “salesy” and overcoming your fear of public speaking. These skills are paramount if you want to appeal to colleagues, managers, and clients.

3. Emotional Intelligence: The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle – $34.99

Communication is a two-way street, and improving your emotional intelligence is just as important as speaking effectively. Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and make decisions based on your emotional needs and that of others, all of which are covered in the Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle. It features 10 courses on the most effective ways to interact with different personality types, collaborate with teammates, and build authentic relationships with your colleagues. Whether you’re a team member or team manager, this is a must-have skill.

4. Blockchain: The Mega Blockchain Mastery Bundle – $39

People often think of cryptocurrency when they hear about blockchain, but it’s quickly gaining ground as a way to share data, record investments, and even manage supply chains. As such, companies are scrambling to hire professionals with blockchain experience. Needless to say, blockchain is the future. The Mega Blockchain Mastery Bundle can prepare you for it by introducing you to blockchain’s primary components. By the end of this bundle, you’ll know blockchain fundamentals such as building cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, security, and more.

5. Cloud Computing: The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle Ft. Azure & AWS – $39.99

Traditionally, large corporations were the only companies that could afford their own data centers and IT departments. With the advent of cloud computing, companies of all sizes can enjoy services such as network security, storage, virtual machines, and more. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing, The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle can help. This bundle features seven courses on how to develop and deploy cloud services for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. You’ll also learn about the four cloud deployment models—private, public, hybrid, and community—and three main service models—SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

6. Analytical Reasoning: The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny – $39

Data is everywhere, and people with strong analytical reasoning are able to identify and recognize trends within this data. This makes analytical reasoning a valuable asset in any company and industry, and The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle is a great way to sharpen these skills. The bundle features four courses with effective methods to improve your problem solving, metacognition, and critical thinking skills. By the end of this bundle, you’ll know how to solve quick mental math, deconstruct mini-languages, and think differently while approaching problems.

7. Collaboration: Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite – $39

Teamwork makes the dream work, but teams are only as efficient as their members. Adding project management to your skillset can either boost your effectiveness as a team member or help you manage your team more efficiently, saving everyone time and money. The Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite contains five courses on project management best practices to help you plan, pitch, and execute projects while managing teams and processes. These courses also serve as study material to help you prepare for the PMP and PMI-ACP certification exams, which endorse your skills as a project manager.

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