How often have you botched making popcorn in the microwave? Something that should be simple is often made complicated by unnecessary and confusing instructions. The new Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven powered by Alexa can take the guesswork out of popping a bag of your favorite kernels.

The microwave is specifically tuned to provide the best bag of popcorn, and the company worked with the maker of Orville Redenbacher popcorn to make that happen. Just tap the “Popcorn” button on the microwave — or say, “Alexa, microwave classic popcorn” — to get a perfect bag each and every time.

The convenience doesn’t stop at just popcorn. The Sharp Smart Microwave responds to a variety of voice commands that help take the guesswork out of cooking some of your favorite fast and easy meals, even if it’s just reheating something. You can use both voice commands or buttons on the microwave to cook a frozen pizza, reheat food, make beverages, and defrost frozen foods.

Through voice commands, you can start and stop the microwave, add more time to the current cycle, and even change the power level. It’s everything a traditional microwave can do, but with many more convenient features added into the mix.

An internal sensor helps you achieve the perfect heat and temperature level for your food without burning it. This means no more scorched leftovers or overly thawed bags of frozen peas.

If a mistake does happen, the stainless steel exterior will make it easy to clean, and the rotating carousel inside can be removed to allow easy access to the bottom of the microwave.

The Sharp Smart Microwave will be available at retailers and online later this month. There are two different sizes: a 1.1-cubic-foot version and a 1.4-cubic-foot version. The two models will be available for $150 and $170, respectively.

While the Sharp Smart Microwave isn’t the first device of this type, it is one of the largest. The original Alexa-powered microwave was only 900 watts. The Sharp Smart Microwave can help users who want a fully powered microwave that can help them cook delicious meals or just heat up last night’s dinner for a quick bite to eat.

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