The tough restaurant losses continue around Los Angeles, with news over the weekend that Cliff’s Edge had officially thrown in the towel in Silver Lake. The 16-year-old restaurant, known for helping to make the careers of some prominent chefs like Vartan Abgaryan and for its luxurious hidden patio, formally announced its closure via social media.

a group of people sitting at a table with wine glasses: Inside at the bar at Cliff’s Edge

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Inside at the bar at Cliff’s Edge

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that Cliff’s Edge is closed for good,” the post reads, alongside a moody shot of an interior bench near the bar. The Sunset Boulevard restaurant has remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic and indoor dining closures on March 15, but only now has the permanent nature of the shutter been made official.

It’s been a long, tumultuous turn for one of Silver Lake’s most lauded restaurants. While locals loved the privacy of the leafy back patio and dim interior bar, others knew the property as part of a contentious legal battle between owner Dan Hollister and singer Katy Perry, stemming from side-by-side lawsuits years ago over Perrys attempt to buy a convent in Silver Lake. The whole saga got rather messy, with Hollister moving into bankruptcy as a result and Cliff’s Edge (among other Hollister properties) either being sold outright or quietly put up for sale online. Rumors of the restaurant’s demise have been swirling since then, even as the place continued to chug along working a busy Sunday brunch service and evening dinner hours. Now the end has formally come, and it’s unclear just what will happen to the restaurant property now.

The loss of Cliff’s Edge is just the latest shutter in a season of disappearances, featuring so many prominent players like Madeo, Pacific Dining Car, Beverly Soon Tofu, Baco Mercat, Broken Spanish, and countless others.

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