India has produced some excellent female entrepreneurs who have changed the face of industries and created businesses that offer a lot of value. The internet has equipped women with more opportunities than earlier to showcase their talents while enabling them to take care of their families financially. A homemaker who has a set of skills can make money from home without having to travel outside or invest a lot of money.

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A homemaker who has a set of skills can make money from home without having to travel outside or invest a lot of money.

Let us look at some small businesses ideas that women can take up in India.

Home baking

Many women have resorted to baking from home and selling their goodies through channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We saw a lot of them during the pandemic. If you love experimenting, you can start baking from your house. It doesn’t require a huge investment or separate space, especially if you are starting small. Your initial customers will be your friends and family. If they like your baked items, they will recommend you to their friends and that’s how you will get more customers.

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Beauty care

This is an area that women are highly interested in. No pandemic is going to stop women from taking care of themselves. If you are an expert at doing makeup, then you can exclusively indulge in bridal or party makeup. You can also create your own spa or salon. It doesn’t require a huge investment setup as you can use a spare room in your house to take care of your clients. Since most customers are afraid to come out of their homes because of the pandemic, you can provide doorstep services at a premium price.


Another lucrative idea that is right up the alley for women is making handicrafts. From jute bags, wooden crafts, and wooden toys, different Indian cities are known for their unique handicrafts. You can either sell them online or set up a small store in your city. All you need to do is to learn a handicraft technique. Setup costs are low since you can operate from home. The only capital that you require is to buy raw materials, but even that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Daycare services

Starting a daycare is a good idea because all you require is space in your house and a fondness for children. Buy toys that children will love, prepare a curriculum for how you plan to engage them, and create an amicable atmosphere of learning. While this can be a successful business idea, this is not the time to start because most parents are working from home. A few months into 2021, you can take this idea seriously and start making plans towards it.

Extra-curricular activities for kids

If you are good at activities like DIY crafts, storytelling, painting, etc., you can conduct classes for children. As both parents these days are working, they would be more than happy to send kids to classes were they can enhance skills and interpersonal relationships. Women are inherently good at managing kids, so this comes quite easy for women. You can do it out of your home, which keeps the cost minimal.

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Cooking services

One of the best ways to guarantee income is to send food to bachelors in your area or prepare gourmet meals for those who can afford it. Foo at food courts, canteens, and restaurants can get tiring after a point. You can create a WhatsApp group to inform customers about the items you are making or run ads on Instagram to reach more people. If you are into preparing gourmet meals, inform your prospective customers in advance and ask them to pre-order. When customers pre-order, you don’t have to worry about cooking extra, especially since the ingredients to prepare gourmet meals can be costly.

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Interior design services

If you have a knack for making indoor spaces looks beautiful, then this is something that you could pursue. An interior designer should be able to get things right when it comes to lighting, materials, colours, etc. You should also be able to draw and read blueprints. You can get clients through social media platforms by constantly sharing your knowledge on interior designing. It helps showcase your work regularly to your audience.

Despite the pandemic still wreaking havoc in our lives, this is a great time for women to become entrepreneurs. The opportunities are aplenty. All you need to do is identify a business that complements your skill set. The rest will fall into place. Being your own boss gives you the freedom and time to take care of other things in life.

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