A new batch of cockpit items is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons in time for The Mandalorian’s second season, including a Baby Yoda Dashboard Flair.

A new wave of downloadable content based on The Mandalorian is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons, including a cockpit decoration in the likeness of the ever-memetic and adorable Baby Yoda. EA has previously stated that their new Star Wars spaceflight simulator wouldn’t be receiving any additional content following its launch back in September, but now that seems to no longer be the case – and fans couldn’t be happier.

So far, players have been enjoying Star Wars: Squadrons’ fast-paced, first-person gameplay that pays homage to the classic PC X-Wing games of old, even if its plot does retread old ground for the long-running franchise. Further fun can be found in customizing the game’s various Rebel and Imperial starfighters by selecting which weaponry to take on a given mission or decking out one’s cockpit with all kinds of fun Star Wars: Squadrons cosmetic items that can be unlocked in both the game’s single-player campaign and online multiplayer. Now, it looks like would-be pilots will be getting the chance to take a certain little green friend along on their space-faring adventures, just in time for his highly-anticipated return to the small screen.  

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A recent news post on EA.com has announced a new “supply drop” of cosmetic items for Star Wars Squadrons in honor of The Mandalorian’s upcoming second season. These consist of cockpit add-ons such as holographic images of a Blurrg beast and a Rodian bounty puck, Hanging Flairs of Din Djarin’s fabled Razor Crest Gunship and an ingot of the Mandalorian iron known as Beskar, and finally, Dashboard Flairs based on the famed IG-88 Assassin Droid and a “Mysterious Creature” – which of course is The Child, aka Baby Yoda. All of these items will be available to players starting October 28, about two days before the second season of The Mandalorian is set to premiere.

Star Wars fans are certainly looking forward to more of The Mandalorian, especially since the hit Disney+ series looks to continue following the titular bounty hunter (Wonder Woman 1984’s Pedro Pascal) on his quest to uncover the origins of the mysterious Baby Yoda and deliver him to the galaxy’s last remaining Jedi. Along the way, fans will get to see more of Giancarlo Esposito’s villainous Imperial Moff Gideon (who inexplicably carries the Mandalorian Darksaber), as well as fan-favorite characters like Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ahsoka Tano in her long-awaited live-action debut (played by Daredevil’s Rosario Dawson).           

People love Baby Yoda (the adorable little guy became an internet sensation practically overnight when The Mandalorian debuted last fall), so Star Wars: Squadrons players will probably get a kick out of adding him to their cockpits when this new batch of DLC cosmetic items launches on October 28. Flying with The Mandalorian’s cute co-pilot, as well as the other add-ons this DLC pack includes, will be a fun way to celebrate the show’s new season as it arrives on Disney+ this Friday.

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