Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town uses Silos to store Fodder and dispense it to barns, but these Silos are actually just a waste of time.

Space is a precious resource in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. Between barns, coops, Maker Machines, and crops, the organization can require some juggling. Because of this, every building a player sets down on their farmstead needs to be worth the space it takes up. While large barns and Maker Machines earn their footprint in productivity, there is one building that may be worth skipping. Silos are basically a waste of space in Pioneers of Olive Town. These fodder storage systems take up four spaces each, and are useless once a large number of animals are on the farm.

Silos are unlocked when the dilapidated silo located in the 3rd farming area is restored. The silo will cost x20 Bricks and x10 Silver Ingots to fix. Once repaired, more silos can be purchased from the Pioneers of Olive Town Carpenter’s shop for 4800g. When fodder is placed inside the silo, any barns possessing an automatic feeder will fill troughs each morning as long as there is a supply of fodder available in a silo.

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A single Silo can only hold 40 fodder at a time. Regular Pioneers of Olive Town barns and coops have fodder bins with the ability to hold 10 fodder, and big barns and coops can hold 20 fodder. For those who have multiple barns, a single silo can only provide enough fodder to fill 4 regular buildings, or 2 big buildings daily. This means the player will constantly be refilling silos, when they could just refill fodder bins when taking care of their animals for the day, unless they place a large number of silos. This is frustrating news for those already struggling for space on their Pioneers of Olive Town farms.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Upgrades

In farming games like Stardew Valley, basic silos are far more useful, holding up to 240 pieces of fodder at a time. This is more than enough to keep barns with automatic feeder abilities well-stocked, and offers extra storage to ensure players will have enough to feed their animals through the winter. Hopefully, a future patch will either increase the storage or provide an option to upgrade without the building becoming bigger on the farm map. This would help boost the usefulness of silos and make placing them worth the cost and effort to keep them stocked up.

Currently, Pioneers of Olive Town players may be better off setting the restored silo aside for the time being, saving the space it will take up for other purposes. While silos might work nicely as a homestead decoration, they could easily be replaced with a storage box close to barns, which can be stocked with multiple stacks of 999 fodder, ensuring there will be enough for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town animals to eat as they stay inside during poor weather.

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