Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work

According to a Deloitte survey, Women at Work: A Global Outlook, 52 percent of women have experienced some form of harassment or microaggression in the past year, ranging from the belief that their judgment is being questioned because they are women to disparaging remarks about their physical appearance, communication style, […]

Dragon Age: How to Romance Morrigan

Morrigan seems absolutely bored by the idea of romance when approached, but under her cold exterior beats a warm heart longing for love. The companions of Dragon Age: Origins brought an opportunity for the Grey Warden player character to explore love while battling against the darkspawn during the Fifth Blight. […]

Cartoon memoir about middle age.

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How Do I Deal With Cheating in the Age of Zoom?

Third, it is reckless, posing harm to you and your classmates. The penalties for plagiarism are severe and can include being expelled from the university. If your exam performance seems far better than your class contributions, your teachers will often recognize that. Lying when asked about it compounds the problem […]

‘I believe you can be beautiful at any age’

Claudia Schiffer – Etre Cecile Claudia Schiffer’s birthday celebrations are ongoing – online, in any case. The German supermodel, who turns 50 today, has been tagged in hundreds of tributes from fans and friends on Instagram. Designers including Dolce and Gabbana and Donatella Versace have launched new products in her […]