Alaska Agency Is Biggest Bidder for Arctic Oil Leases

WASHINGTON—An Alaskan state-owned agency was the biggest bidder for oil leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, federal officials said Wednesday, as they disclosed auction results that bring oil drillers a step closer to securing access to the pristine 19-million-acre wilderness. The U.S. government is in line to collect more […]

A rogue fly is the biggest buzz at the VP debate, plus fallout from the stimulus freeze: Thursday Wake-Up Call

Just briefly Hearts ‘n’ crafts: Etsy is the latest social media platform to crack down on conspiracy theories, reports Insider. The craft site has banned QAnon merchandise like shirts, bumper stickers and, yes, jewelry that promotes false beliefs. The move comes just a day after Facebook also banned accounts linked […]

The 20 biggest homebuyer turnoffs

The 20 biggest homebuyer turnoffs If today’s seller’s market for homes and fantastically low mortgage rates have you thinking it’s time to sell your house, take a good look around your property. It probably needs some work to make it sell-ready. What you do or don’t do to get the […]