New Cars on the Horizon

There are a lot of interesting new cars just around the corner, from long-range EVs to practical family SUVs and everything in between. But are they worth waiting for? Our experts will help you decide with this early peek at some new or revamped models coming out in 2021 and […]

why electric cars could change the way we drive

The drive took place in mid-afternoon and the traffic was, well, the usual tetchy London traffic. I didn’t exactly get the opportunity to use the full range of gears in the regular Kona and the speedometer barely registered anything above 20mph. The accelerometer certainly wasn’t troubled. The results, both my […]

Hot New Electric Cars Are Coming Soon

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed auto production this year, but manufacturers’ plans to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) continue unabated. A record number of almost 100 pure electric EV models is set to debut by the end of 2024 if […]

Driving lessons should be updated as autonomous cars ‘making drivers complacent’

Increasingly automated cars are making drivers complacent, researchers have found as they warned that learners’ lessons should be updated.  A report by the University of Nottingham found drivers who got into semi-automated cars without training tended to be ‘overly optimistic’ about the vehicle’s abilities, leading to ‘dangerous’ driving. They concluded […]

Spinny360 lets you check out detailed exteriors, interiors of used cars online, here’s how!

© Provided by The Financial Express Spinny used car platform will soon be launching Spinny360. As the name suggests, Spinny360 offers a detailed, inside-out 360-degree of each of its cars. The company says that its latest innovation builds on Spinny’s customer-driven initiatives that include contactless home test drives and deliveries. […]