How COVID-19 Changed Business Schools Forever

Carlson Classroom The COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every industry. Business schools, in particular, were hit hard and the impact of the pandemic will have lasting effects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some positive changes as well. Chris Stokel-Walker of Bloomberg recently spoke to experts on how the pandemic […]

Four ways Covid changed how we live

We’re dressing more casually while working and shopping from home Whether you’re looking back in anger or in comfort at the end of this extraordinary year, there’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic profoundly changed the way we live. How we work, how we dress, how we consume: there’s hardly […]

COVID-19 has changed ‘get out the vote’ efforts on college campuses: Goodbye knocking on dorms, hello Instagram Live

Last fall, when Breanna Brown wanted to talk to her fellow students about voting, the then-freshman at Wayne State University would walk into a lecture hall (with the professor’s permission) and extol the virtues of civic participation before class started.  In between classes, she and other organizers would “table” in […]