Mad Men: The Main Characters’ Homes, Ranked

There’s a reason why the expression decorating “The Mad Men way” became a thing when people want to allude to their home styling preferences. Most Mad Men fans know that the ’60s bright, flashy colors vibe that was exuberated in the main characters’ homes are still, to this day, a visual reference for […]

Twilight: The Characters, Ranked By Power

The Stephanie Myer novel-inspired franchise, Twilight, involves a whole lot of mythology aside from just the characters being vampires and werewolves. Most immortal characters have their own unique supernatural abilities, ranging from mind-reading to seeing different versions of the future. But when it comes to “powers,” the human, vampire, and werewolf characters […]

The Main Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterparts

Despite the marked differences between the genres of science fiction and fantasy, there are many similarities in the styles of storytelling and characterizations of some of their most popular franchises. To paraphrase noted literary professor Joseph Campbell, stories and characters are often repeating motifs, with parallels across cultures and time […]