Ready to rent? Check out Cabana Vans

Looking for a chance to try van life?  There’s a new rental company out of Seattle and Los Angeles called Cabana Vans that offers stylish vehicles with all sorts of amenities for under $300 a day. I spotted one at Deception Pass State Park last week and asked the driver […]

Fact check: Poland, Sweden and Norway did not file a lawsuit against the WHO for ‘infecting Europe’ with ‘chemtrails’

Posts on social media make the claim that Poland, Sweden and Norway “are suing” the World Health Organization (WHO) for “infecting Europe” with “chemical pneumonia” released from airplanes. Some iterations include the claim that Reuters reported on this alleged lawsuit. These claims are false: Reuters did not report this or […]

Spinny360 lets you check out detailed exteriors, interiors of used cars online, here’s how!

© Provided by The Financial Express Spinny used car platform will soon be launching Spinny360. As the name suggests, Spinny360 offers a detailed, inside-out 360-degree of each of its cars. The company says that its latest innovation builds on Spinny’s customer-driven initiatives that include contactless home test drives and deliveries. […]

How to sniff out stimulus check scams

As lockdown restrictions linger or resume in many parts of the country, Americans are getting desperate for financial relief — and that’s making people vulnerable. © Jason Raff / Shutterstock Stimulus check surrounded by cash Talks on a new stimulus package have stalled, and no one can say when (or […]