COVID-19’s resurgence means caution must outweigh tradition. Please reconsider holiday gatherings. [column] | Columnists

The bad news: Lancaster County is clearly in a third wave of COVID-19 with rapidly rising infections, increasing hospitalizations and expanding nursing home illness. More COVID-19 related deaths are expected. Colder temperatures will drive us indoors, and in closer proximity to people infected with COVID-19. Approaching holidays tempt us to […]

Our city may be rescued yet: Steve Duin column

You understand, I trust, why I must begin with the rescue dog. Her name is Kailani. A “Lab-Great-Dane-something-Border-Collie mix,” says Valerie Carey, who lives on North Denver Avenue, just ’round the corner from Portland Police Association headquarters. Kailani doesn’t easily rattle. “Fourth of July fireworks? They don’t bother her at […]

Dr. Lori: It’s prime time to sell your toy political collectibles [art and antiques column] | Food + Living

The vintage toy market is nearly as emotionally charged as the political landscape. During campaign season, which keeps getting longer and longer nowadays, the most popular political — specifically, presidential — collectibles come in the form of playthings, games or toys. From bobbleheads to Beanie Babies, now is the time […]