India-bound Volvo C40 Recharge Coupe breaks cover

© Aditya Nadkarni India-bound Volvo C40 Recharge Coupe breaks cover – The Volvo C40 Recharge will be sold exclusively online – The model is powered by dual electric motors that produce a combined output of 408bhp Swedish automobile marquee Volvo has pulled the covers off the India-bound C40 Recharge. An […]

Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Car vandalism is costly, but in some cases your insurance coverage might help you pay for the damages. However, depending on the circumstances, it might not always be worth it to file a claim. Knowing more about car vandalism and how insurance covers it will help you make a decision […]

What Does a Samsung Washer Warranty Cover?

Adobe Stock Samsung is a well-known consumer electronics company that’s been around for over 80 years. Founded in Japan, this technology conglomerate makes a variety of products. One subsect of these products is home appliances, including washers. Samsung sells 2-in-1, top load, and front load washers, all of which come […]