‘My Baby Had a Medical Emergency During COVID’

For any parent, leaving the hospital with the newest edition to your family is nerve-wracking. Figuring out how to manage life with a new baby can feel overwhelming and terrifying, and you try to calm your nerves by planning for just about anything that life may throw at you. But no amount of over-preparing readied me and my family for navigating my baby daughter’s medical emergency during a global pandemic.

The events that took place

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Thousands of doctors’ offices buckle under financial stress of COVID

Cormay Caine misses a full day of work and drives more than 130 miles round trip to take five of her children to their pediatrician. The Sartell, Minnesota, clinic where their doctor used to work closed in August.

Caine is one of several parents who followed Dr. Heather Decker to her new location on the outskirts of Minneapolis, an hour and a half away. Many couldn’t get appointments for months with swamped nearby doctors.


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12 smart ways to make extra money during COVID

Whether you believe the hysteria surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic or not, one thing is sure: 

The Coronavirus is impacting countless households when it comes to finances. 

Those who are brave enough to check the status of their 401K accounts have seen steady drops. Investors are scrambling. Events are canceled for the foreseeable future. However, the people hit hardest might be the people who face lay-offs and job uncertainty; the people who work in the everyday

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These Kids’ Drawings Of Covid Are Genuinely Hilarious

It can be hard to explain what COVID-19 is to young kids. So, as part of a UK-based project, kids have been channelling their creative sides as a way to show what they think the coronavirus looks like. And in one child’s imagination, it bears an eerie similarity to a dog with three eyes.

The project aims to help parents and carers begin conversations about the pandemic with their kids, according to Patrick Tonks, creative

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Teaching online is a way to make money while avoiding COVID

If the current surge in coronavirus cases makes you nervous about going to work, you should know that you might not have to risk your health to keep food on the table. Even if you have a physical job that normally requires in-person attendance, you may be able to profit from a distance by using online platforms to share your skills.

Remote work has been relatively easy for white-collar professionals. A host of consulting and

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9 steps to be financially ready for a holiday COVID lockdown

As the U.S. keeps shattering records for coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, measures are getting stricter. New outbreaks on both coasts and in the Southwest have left many officials calling for restrictions, like the lockdowns currently in place in New Mexico and Oregon.

a person wearing a blue hat: Little kid boy wearing medical mask

© Romrodphoto / Shutterstock
Little kid boy wearing medical mask

Meanwhile, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, was put back into lockdown for a minimum of 28 days, and in Europe, Germany has extended a

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A wartime Thanksgiving in Cairo: A lesson for our COVID era

“Let us make it a family affair,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt — trying gamely to muster up some holiday spirit — said to Winston Churchill when he invited the British prime minister to Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 25, 1943. It was a disquieting holiday season, an unsteady and baneful time not unlike today. 

Two years had nearly passed since America’s sudden entry into World War II. On the battlefields, the Allies had gained new momentum

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Op-Ed: Mustering up gratitude during a COVID Thanksgiving

As I was making my weekly grocery deliveries to my mother and my in-laws in El Monte last week, I spotted a line of more than 25 cars stopping traffic at Santa Anita Avenue. They were waiting to enter the parking lot of the food pantry there. The patiently inching cars, wrapped around the block, were another reminder that this Thanksgiving is unlike anything any of us has ever seen.

As in so many other

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Tech is saving the Covid holiday season even as it eats away at our privacy

This holiday season will be unique. For many of us, it will also be uniquely lonely. We have lost so many people to Covid-19 and to the wide-ranging effects of the pandemic, among them a growing mental health crisis in America.

If nothing else, holidays give us a reason to gather with family and friends. This year, that is the one thing we can’t do — at least not safely. In accordance with the recommendations

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‘Everyone has different ideas of what feels safe to them during COVID’: How 4 college students spent an unprecedented fall semester

This summer, MarketWatch spoke to four college students as they prepared for a fall semester unlike any other. We recently checked back in to see how the pandemic has affected their studies and the way they’re thinking about their futures. 

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On the front lines of COVID, nurses confront life and death


Registered Nurse Daniel Corral works with a COVID-19 patient at the El Paso Long Term Acute Care Hospital, Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, in El Paso, Texas. The relentless war against a deadly, invisible enemy was out of sight to all but those working its front lines.


A fire engine wailed its siren up Cotton Avenue and disappeared behind the El Paso Long Term Acute Care hospital.

A man at

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COVID Truthers Try to Invade Utah Valley Hospital Where Patrice Grossman Died

A big red heart fashioned with five dozen Post-its was in one of the windows of the intensive care unit at Utah Valley Hospital when the conspiracy theorists pulled into a parking lot that they found to be suspiciously empty.

The heart was placed there by nurses to mark the room where one of their own died on Oct. 30. Neonatal intensive care nurse Patrice Grossman, who was born at the same hospital where she

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Maui trip is latest COVID controversy for CA politicians

Good morning and happy Tuesday!


First Gov. Gavin Newsom got hammered for attending a political adviser’s 50th birthday party at fancy food place French Laundry.

Then, on Monday, the spotlight shifted to California lawmakers who traveled to Maui this week for the California Independent Voter Project’s annual policy conference.

Never mind the surge in new coronavirus cases that’s skyrocketed California’s positivity rate to 5% over seven days. Never mind

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Micron Stock Is a Cheap Play on 5G, EVs, and the End of Covid

It would be impossible to design a business with more impediments to success than making memory chips. Still, it’s not hard to see why you’d try. The global datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes (that is, 175 plus 21 zeros) in 2025 from 33 zettabytes in 2018, according to IDC. And all that data needs to be stored.

Investors have long viewed memory as a commodity, though, and you can see the consequences in the … Read More

As Covid upsets family finances, college students rethink their dreams

CNBC’s “College Voices 2020” is a series written by CNBC interns from universities across the country about coming of age, getting their college education and launching their careers during these extraordinary times. Michelle Gao is a senior at Harvard University, studying government and statistics. The series is edited by Cindy Perman.

fizkes | iStock | Getty Images

Some college students have seen their parents laid off, lose jobs or close businesses — major events

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These kids, teachers are making school work during COVID. Here’s how.

Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.
Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.

Michelle Thompson can imagine her kindergarten students gathered around the tables that used to fill her classroom, building tiny houses from popsicle sticks, pieces of straw and toy cubes. She can almost hear their cheers when her wolf puppet fails to huff, puff and blow their structure down.

But since her Broome County, New York, school district transitioned

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Hammer Museum, Huntington Library and a COVID waiting game

The late French-Moroccan artist Nicola L’s 1969 sculptural installation “La Chambre en Fourrure” (The Fur Room), slathered in royal purple faux-fur and studded with pockets, has been re-created inside the Hammer Museum for this year’s “Made in L.A.” biennial. Before COVID-19, viewers were meant to slide their faces and arms into bodysuit-like sacs that hang limply on the exterior of the piece, “wearing” the work as if it were a costume. It was tweaked for

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There’s a COVID chess boom on, and Netflix’s ‘The Queens Gambit’ is fanning the fervor

Other sites like chess.com allow players anywhere to play each other from their own homes: “The ability to play online chess with people a world away is one of the driving forces behind the recent chess boom,” said Toliver.

Nick Barton, director of business development at chess.com, said the site has seen substantial growth during the pandemic. Since March 1, “the site has onboarded roughly 11.1 million new members — an increase of 6.54 million

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Multimedia program rethinks promotions in light of COVID | News, Sports, Jobs

Thanksgiving Dinner Safety Tips During Covid

Dr. Fauci, who is 79, said his three adult daughters, who all live in different parts of the country, have decided to skip the family Thanksgiving to avoid putting him and his wife at risk. He said people often wrongly assume they are safe if they just invite family or trusted friends.

“Most people feel when they’re in the house with friends, they almost subconsciously let their guard down,” said Dr. Fauci, director of the

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