Salesforce: Creating opportunities for people with disabilities is crucial for business success

Businesses and organizations that don’t make their websites, applications, communication channels, physical locations, and online working environments accessible, risk alienating large populations of customers and potential employees. According to the CDC’s U.S. disability figures, 5.9% of Americans (about 19.5 million people) are “deaf or have serious difficulty hearing” and 4.6% […]

Cath Kidston on creating charming rooms

Cath Kidston (right) advises to accessorise with lots of colour (Getty for Cath Kidston) Designer Cath Kidston is known as “The Queen of Print”. With a background in interior design and styling, Kidston founded her brand in 1993 and made it a global name selling home furnishings and fashion products. […]

Five Steps To Creating An Email That Converts

Marketing Director at Sunshine Group, developing and guiding promotion strategies for the company’s brands. getty I’ve already shared some thoughts about winning email subject lines, and today it’s time to talk about the message itself — how it can motivate a subscriber to take the action you’re counting on. A 2019 […]