Is Big Data Biased? To Know, We Need to See the Recipe

Text size Vladimircaribb/Dreamstime Big data analytics is the secret sauce of the American polity and economy—widely utilized but poorly understood. Organizations use various types of big data analytics to make decisions, correlations, and predictions about their constituents or stakeholders. The market for data is big and growing rapidly; it’s estimated […]

How have students fared in the coronavirus pandemic? New data sheds some light.

When the coronavirus pandemic disrupted school for millions of students last spring, studies projected alarming rates of learning loss as schools shifted to remote instruction, particularly for vulnerable students. Complicating matters is that this shift poses challenges in accurately assessing student progress and participation. But as more data emerges, one […]

4 Semiconductor Stocks to Snap Up on Data Center Strength

Coronavirus crisis-induced work-and-learn-from-home necessity led growth in demand for cloud services has compelled data center operators to bolster their cloud-storage capacities. This has bolstered chip demand from data center operators. In fact, semiconductor companies, including Intel INTC, Advanced Micro Devices AMD, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited TSM, delivered blockbuster […]