Building collapse near Miami: Latest details

A video posted online showed an official briefing families. When he said they had found remains among the rubble, people began sobbing. The Paramount Miami Worldcenter tower in downtown Miami was also lit with the words “One World, One Prayer.” Organizers plan to light up the condo building with the […]

Details on new school highlighted at forum

May 1—MANSFIELD — Pegged to be the first net- zero public school in the state, the new elementary school in Mansfield will feature many creative and artistic elements. Those include various opportunities for outdoor learning. The innovative project has inspired other communities in the state to move in a similar […]

MCU Disney+ Series Focuses on Details

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney+’s latest series set in the world of Marvel, isn’t the biggest risk taken by the Mouse in the last few years (hell, it isn’t even the biggest risk taken in the last few weeks). On the surface, the six-episode hour-long drama is so […]

The Ring: 10 Hidden Details Fans Missed

More often than not, horror movies fail to leave a mark. Perhaps because of their generic jump-scares tactics or shallow plotlines. There are, however, a few horror movies that remain fresh in the minds of horror hounds for years and even decades. The Ring is one of them. Throughout its runtime, the film […]

The ‘Westworld’ production design team reveals the backstory to key details you might have missed in season 3

Nathan Hale and Dolores Abernathy in “Westworld.” HBO Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Westworld” season three.  Insider spoke with the recently Emmy-nominated “Westworld” team — production designer Howard Cummings, art director Jon Carlos, and set decorator Julie “Jules” Ochipinti — about the complex series. They revealed the way the fans, including […]