Inside Carolina Herrera’s Digital Transformation

As the coronavirus pandemic throttled physical retail this year and design houses raced into digital initiatives, the decision-makers at Carolina Herrera emerged in a fortunate position.

Unlike many of their peers, they weren’t suddenly rushing to remake their brands into something more “e” friendly. By the time the pandemic erupted, the work to transform from a company web site into an e-commerce destination had been underway for roughly a year.

Conjuring online storefronts can,

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Refreshed Australian digital transformation strategy to focus on people and reusable tech

The federal government has doubled down on its plan to use public sector staff and reusable technology to usher in the digital service of the future, with a refreshed digital transformation strategy vowing to “invest in people”.

“In the next five years it is critical we continue to build on our progress and focus on developing the people capability essential to achieving digital transformation,” the Digital Transformation Strategy 2.0 discussion paper [PDF] reads.

As detailed

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Marketing Must Go Digital First: Are You Ready?

traffic speed at night

Jean Gerber

What do you think of when you hear “digital transformation?” Moving business online? An expensive initiative? A never-ending project with lots of consultants? Or maybe you view digital transformation as something old line industrial companies are forced to do: plot a five-year plan, assemble an internal tiger team, and hope it comes in on time, on budget or that the business doesn’t go under before transformation happens.

McKinsey & Company define digital

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The Best Minecraft Servers | Digital Trends

The world of Minecraft offers a seemingly endless supply of adventures, thanks to its sandbox nature. You can forage and fight off creatures in survival mode, or you can don your artist’s cap and craft an entire world in creative mode. However, Minecraft doesn’t need to be a solo activity. Thanks to Minecraft servers, you can join others online across the globe, experiencing worlds crafted to mimic famous fantasy landscapes or games of the past.

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Win Money for School in Live Interactive Webinar on Successfully Fundraising with GooseChase Digital Scavenger Hunts | News

WARWICK, R.I., Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SquadLocker, a leading provider of online tools and services for teams and organizations to manage custom apparel and equipment purchasing, is a supporter of the live webinar, “Turn Your School Fundraising from Mission Impossible to Mission Possible,” on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. Hosted by SquadLocker strategic partner, K-12 Clothing, the interactive webinar details how to plan and execute a successful digital scavenger hunt school fundraiser with

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Nissan plots digital course for car sales in a post-pandemic world

BEIJING (Reuters) – As COVID-19 threw a wrench into the cogs of car retailing, a senior Nissan board member challenged the chief operating officer to explain what the automaker was doing to adapt to a new era where customers may be reluctant to roam showrooms.

FILE PHOTO: Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) Leaf is displayed at the Nissan’s booth at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, or Auto China show, in Beijing, China September 27, 2020. REUTERS/Tingshu

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How digital design shapes tomorrow | Dutch Digital Design | Open Mic

During this year’s Dutch Design Week – completely virtual due to Corona – four leading figures in the digital design world shared their ideas about the future of digital design, and its contribution to different aspects of life that (will) make a genuine difference to our future. Brought to you by Dutch Digital Design – a collective of Dutch agencies and brands sharing and celebrating the very best of Dutch digital work.

Enjoy reading our

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A culture of responsibility: The promise of a safer digital world

Against the backdrop of an unprecedented year, we are all working to come to terms with the lessons that 2020 has brought. For a modern society that already lived much of its life online, this has meant shifting to even more reliance on technology — what it means to be connected, and what it means to be safe. The internet is how we are now working, spending time together socially during a health crisis, and

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Ditch negativity & hatred of the online world, ensure a balanced digital life

a hand holding a cellphone: OnePlus 8T

© Provided by
OnePlus 8T

Digital Wellbeing has been of prime importance this year – a year that saw us getting cooped up in our homes and look at the world from the tiny realms of our smartphones. While our smartphones kept us connected to our world – work, friends, studies, and more, I won’t be wrong if I say they completely threw life out of balance. Our smartphones got us exposed to the

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What the rise of digital handouts on Venmo and Cash App says about our fraying social safety net

A college student pleading for grocery money. A driver in need of an unexpected car repair. A worker out of a job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A single mom who needs to pay the internet bill to support her kids’ distance learning.

In all of these cases, people turned to Twitter to ask for financial support during the pandemic. Not thousands of dollars. Just a few bucks. Whatever online followers could spare.

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Photos: An inside look at India’s digital fashion week amid the pandemic | Fashion

Not to miss the October deadline, the Fashion Design Council of India converted parts of its office building into a studio in a bustling industrial area of New Delhi. It created a stage, screens and bespoke lighting to facilitate shooting of fashion films and videos by the designers.

It wasn’t easy to meet the strict COVID-19 restrictions. The entire building was sanitized, as were the designers’ clothes.

Models, film crews, photographers, designers and the design

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Cooler Screens Shows Tech Can Make Money And Protect Privacy With ‘Identity-Blind’ Digital Advertising

Despite growing concerns about data privacy, most brands still rely on consumer information to make sure their ads get in front of the right people at the right moment in time. But change is coming. Consumers have taken note of the brands that are evolving their business practices and those that are not. The next generation of digital advertising will follow a new business model that delivers streamlined digital experiences without compromising customers’ personal information.

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Google Cloud BrandVoice: Time, Place, People: Designing The Digital Workplace

A look at the three basic design values of any digital workplace tool, according to the creators of Google Workspace.

With the growing importance of digital workplaces, enterprises and institutions everywhere are making decisions about communications tools that will affect their organizations for years.

COVID-19 hasn’t just changed the rate and scale at which we’re going digital.

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Dance Reading Announces A New Digital Dance Festival For Reading

The festival takes place from 18-22 November.

Dance Reading Announces A New Digital Dance Festival For Reading

Dance Reading is taking its annual festival online next month, with a packed programme of workshops, live performances, film screenings and family fun.

Award-winning, internationally renowned companies like Uchenna Dance, Fevered Sleep and Upswing feature alongside local performers and community events, as Dance Reading delivers an exciting and innovative online programme. In acknowledgement of the tough times faced by so many this year and as part of Dance

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Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

graphical user interface: Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

The digital marketing industry has swiftly grown and from being a supplementary marketing tool it has become a primary tool in no time. Over the last decade, marketing has evolved on a faster pace right from print to digital medium and this evolution doesn’t seem to slow down.

With the growing market demand, the need for professional marketers is also

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India holds digital fashion week amid pandemic

NEW DELHI (AP) — Unlike a fashion show, the models aren’t swaying on a ramp in real life. They are depending on digital technology to rescue their annual extravaganza from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Phygital Edition” is India’s first digital fashion week, held from Wednesday through Sunday. It livestreams the spring-summer collections by more than 40 designers under the banner of Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week. Ten designers showcase their work each day.

For months, designers,

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5 Reasons Digital Picture Frames are Finally Worth Buying

WHEN MARGE Patrizia gifted her mom a digital photo frame back in 2006, she had no desire to grab a second one for herself. While the clunky device worked fine as a memory aid, uploading photos for her mom required Ms. Patrizia to transfer the photo files from her camera to her computer to an SD memory card that she could plug into the side of the pixelated device. After going through this laborious process

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Browser games were a digital awakening for an entire generation

Browser games were a digital awakening for an entire generation
Browser games were a digital awakening for an entire generation

In Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything.

Everyone remembers their favorite browser games, whether it was some cursed obscurity now lost to the void of internet history or a wildly popular time-waster that later evolved into a multi-million dollar franchise (like Doom, Trials, Super Meat Boy,

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Central banks eye digital cash to fend off crypto threat

By Francesco Canepa and Tom Wilson

FRANKFURT/LONDON (Reuters) – The world’s largest central banks — and even some of the smaller ones — are toying with the idea of issuing digital currencies.

These would allow holders to make payments via the internet and possibly even offline, competing with existing means of electronic payment such as digital wallets, online banks or cryptocurrencies.

Unlike these private solutions, an official digital currency would be backed by the central

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Succeed in tough times: Make a digital pivot

After quickly upgrading his remote-access infrastructure, Yañez sent all 1,000 of his IT staffers home, where they have been working ever since. That remote IT group has been able to support Walmart’s massive operations in the region—nearly 2,400 stores, 42,000 providers and vendors in the supply chain, and 200,000 employees.

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