One-Pan Dinner Ideas For College Students

Don’t get me wrong – I love experimenting in the kitchen. I could spend hours testing out new recipes, baking sweet treats, and using almost every kitchen utensil, spatula, dish, pot, and mixing bowl that I own. However, there are certain nights when ordering take-out or sliding a frozen pizza […]

How To Host A Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Everything Thanksgiving: Get all our Thanksgiving recipes, how-to’s and more! COVID-19 has put a deep crease in many typical Thanksgiving traditions this year, nixing large in-person get-togethers for the sake of safety. The new CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving cites small dinners as the lowest-risk celebration, while “attending large indoor gatherings […]

Is It Safe to Have Dinner Together Inside?

To check these types of websites, “you have to be interested,” says Tara Kirk Sell, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “And if you’re already someone who thinks this is important, and you’re checking out your numbers of cases per 100,000,” you’re probably already doing […]

How to create a beautiful dinner setting

No matter how minimal or extravagant your style, tablescaping will take your future dinner parties to the next level: Rowan Blossom Setting the table has become a much more stylised affair and is no longer only about fancy napkins. Instead tables are brought to life with bouquets, matching tableware, colourful […]