Billie Eilish’s documentary is a revealing look at heartbreak, fame: ‘The pressure is constant’

Spoiler alert! Contains details about Apple TV+ documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry,” premiering Friday. No one loves “The Office” more than Billie Eilish. The pop star sampled a clip from NBC’s beloved mockumentary series in her 2019 song “My Strange Addiction,” and has since flaunted her fandom […]

5 Revelations from Her Documentary

Paris Hilton Opens Up About Past Abusive Relationships: ‘I Put Up with Things No One Should’ Paris Hilton is opening up about toxic relationships with several ex-boyfriends from her past Paris Hilton is unveiling a side of herself fans have never seen before. The star’s YouTube Originals documentary, This Is […]