What to buy, according to a tech expert

VR headsets: Is virtual reality worth it right now? When the first VR headsets started trickling out, I was extremely skeptical. But after using the then just-launched, original HTC Vive — one of the first modern consumer VR headsets, which has since evolved — I was immediately hooked. Even the […]

I’m a Butterball turkey hotline expert who’s been answering wild, funny, and panicked calls from home chefs for 18 years. This year people need us more than ever.

Phyllis Kramer in the Butterball Test Kitchen in 2013. Butterball Turkey Phyllis Kramer is a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert based in Aurora, Illinois. She’s been working for the Talk-Line during the holidays for 18 years, answering customer questions about how to choose, thaw, prepare, and cook their turkeys. Over the […]