How to Make Fake Blood for Halloween

One life skill that’s particularly useful to possess this time of year is the ability to whip up a batch of fake blood at a moment’s notice. After all, fake blood is a Halloween staple. Even if you don’t have time for a truly badass costume, a little fake blood […]

Why Fake Homeware Is Having A Moment

The pandemic has been a big time for homeware. Since we can’t leave our spaces and aren’t moving if we can help it, people have sought decorative changes to keep the same four walls feeling fresh. That could be with new soft furnishings, rearranging corners or injecting some energy with […]

Who is behind the fake Trump Presidential Library website? We talk to the anonymous architect

A New York-based architect, who has asked to remain anonymous, has imagined a fictitious Trump Presidential Library on the U.S.-Mexico border that contains an “Alt-Right Auditorium” (seen above), a “COVID Memorial” and a “Hall of Enablers.” ( With President Trump having lost the election (regardless of what he said in […]

The Great Biscuit Fake Off: Homemade Chocolate Hobnobs

A store-bought chocolate Hobnob and a homemade Hobnot. Can you tell the difference? My teenage Anglophilia started with music—The Smiths, New Order, The Wedding Present—and quickly spread to sweets, particularly the Brits’ delightful array of candy and cookies, or biscuits. As I was about to order some sugary imports during […]