French National Assembly Passes Anti-Extremism Bill Proposing Stricter Rules for Religion| National Catholic Register

PARIS, France — The French National Assembly has passed a bill that backers say will counter extremism and separatism, especially among French Muslims. However, the bill includes stricter controls on religion, bars religious symbols in some circumstances, and places strict regulations on homeschooling. The bill, titled “Supporting respect for the […]

Class-action lawsuit claims French police discriminate often

PARIS (AP) — In a first for France, six nongovernmental organizations launched a class-action lawsuit Wednesday against the French government for alleged systemic discrimination by police officers carrying out identity checks. The organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, contend that French police use racial profiling in ID checks, […]

French official accuses Paris police of “shocking” tactics in violent clearing of migrant camp

Paris — France’s interior minister has called some of the images posted online of police clearing an illegal migrant camp in central Paris on Monday night “shocking.” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has promised an investigation into accusations that officers were heavy-handed, tipping over tents, chasing people down streets and hitting protesters […]