Where was Friends filmed?

FRIENDS has been thrilling fans since it first aired back in 1994. But despite the show being set in New York, it was actually filmed elsewhere. 🔵 Read our Friends reunion live blog for the latest updates… 4 Smash hit comedy Friends is set in New York but NOT filmed […]

When Friends Move Next Door

IN 2019, Ward Berlin and his wife, Karla Grazier, moved into a newly built house in a new Colorado gated community called Vermilion at Garden of the Gods. But they didn’t have to spend much time getting to know their neighbors: Many of the eight properties on their street were […]

Best online games to play with friends that will make you feel less cooped up in 2021

The pandemic and social distancing recommendations have likely changed your usual plans for socializing with family and friends this winter. But you can still play online games together, even from far away. Whether you’re looking for old-school favorites, party games, escape rooms or exciting board games, there’s likely a virtual option, as more people […]

My best friend canceled her wedding and eloped. Here’s how I planned her virtual bachelorette party with 18 friends across the world for less than $100.

The bride said her virtual bachelorette party was the most fun she’d had during the pandemic. Insider/Danielle Brody My best friend Kisha, who lives in Australia, decided to elope after canceling her April wedding due to the pandemic. Along with a couple of friends, I planned a bachelorette party for […]