Need gift ideas? Here’s your one-stop-shop for holiday deals in H-Town

The weather may be warm in Houston, but, believe it or not, the holidays are here! And, before you go gift shopping, make sure you check out the best Black Friday deals in Houston stores. Our beloved Bayou City is renown for great shopping – from the Galleria to The Woodlands Mall – but this year public health and safety are front of mind. While some Houstonians are still planning to hit the malls and … Read More

I’m A Doctor, And I’m Failing My Patients. Here’s What Forced Me To Recognize That.

I decided to become a doctor because of one basic assumption: it meant helping people every day. And I’m not alone — most physicians consider their profession to be a noble one. The nobility of medicine is reinforced in every aspect of the training doctors go through. We work hard to recognize illness when we see it, and to memorize the right lab tests to order and medications to prescribe to treat those illnesses. We’re

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Here’s where you can buy popular face mask styles for 2020

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

By now you’ve been stocking up on comfortable face masks to wear when you go out in public (especially with coronavirus cases surging), and maybe even some holiday styles. Here, we’ve highlighted our favorites from popular fashion brands and reputable stores, including options for kids to wear to school or for you to wear to work and companies that

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Here’s How Hallmark Set Decorators Still Made the Magic of Christmas Happen During a Pandemic

Photo credit: Shane Meador/
Photo credit: Shane Meador/

From House Beautiful

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s only right to get into the holiday spirit by watching the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies. These films are known for being quintessentially festive and merry, much like the production design that really brings this aesthetic to life. To find out how the magical world of Hallmark Christmas movies is fashioned, House Beautiful

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Cozy season has arrived. Here’s how to make your own fall/winter escape in Charlotte.

November’s autumnal glow is a welcome sign of change in any normal year. This year, given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, that normally reassuring image of hunkering down by candlelight on a cold evening could be anything but.

A new and improved outdoor living space can assuage the thought of even more time at home over the next few months. What’s more, it could bring about joy and calm.

“With fall, we’re seeing how

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Apple’s New Mac Chip Is Winning Raves. Here’s What It Means for Investors.

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Apple sold $28.62 billion worth of Mac computers in fiscal 2020, up from $25.48 billion in 2019.

Courtesy Apple


announced a big shift in its personal computers months ago, telling consumers that it was going to abandon chips designed by


in favor of its own semiconductors it promised would be better.

The reviews are in on the first batch of machines with the new chips, and are overwhelmingly positive.

Most tended

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A Brain Infection Made Me Forget Nearly Everything. Here’s How I Became Myself Again.

I’ve forgotten many things in my life: my keys, the answers to test questions, my friend’s birthday. I never imagined I could forget how to walk. But that’s exactly what happened when I was 27 and suddenly got sick with brain inflammation.

The day my legs stopped working, I had just finished teaching a violin lesson. My student packed up his violin. I nodded as he told me the plot of one of his favorite

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These kids, teachers are making school work during COVID. Here’s how.

Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.
Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.

Michelle Thompson can imagine her kindergarten students gathered around the tables that used to fill her classroom, building tiny houses from popsicle sticks, pieces of straw and toy cubes. She can almost hear their cheers when her wolf puppet fails to huff, puff and blow their structure down.

But since her Broome County, New York, school district transitioned

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Traveling for the holidays? Here’s what you need to know in New York | News

ALBANY (TNS) — If you’re traveling outside of New York for the holidays, or have friends and family coming here from another state, make sure you know the coronavirus restrictions in place.

As cases rise here and around the nation, New York recently updated its travel advisory guidance allowing non-essential visitors to the Empire State to “test out” of the otherwise mandatory 14-day quarantine by presenting a negative COVID-19 test — but even that option

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Here’s what the CDC suggests for Thanksgiving amid the pandemic

Thanksgiving is going to look very different for many Americans this year compared to years past. But there are ways to gather with family while also following COVID-19 guidelines.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes, gathering with friends and family for Thanksgiving can increase the chances of getting or spreading the coronavirus, and the health agency says the safest way to celebrate is by only seeing people in your household.

However, the

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Invest in tech this festive season. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to buy!

© Provided by WION


The festive season is upon us! It is that time of the year when we dive into our savings and indulge in some retail therapy. With Diwali and other festivals coming up, we’re all hoping to make the most of sales and offers, upgrade our gadgets and deck up our homes.

The year 2020 hasn’t been easy on any of us. The pandemic and subsequent

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Rite Aid Revamps Its Layout. Here’s How That Could Impact Real Estate Investors

Though numerous retailers have permanently closed up shop in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, you’d think drug stores would be in no danger of going that route. After all, consumers need access to pharmacies and essentials that can be purchased on a whim without having to navigate a massive supermarket (a whopping bout of hay fever, for example, might inspire a drug store run for some allergy medication).

But actually, drug store chains have

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Americans Are Buying Homes Sight Unseen: Here’s Why

By Stephen McBride

Lester Knispel bought the $1.5 million white-columned house on the second fairway. His Porsche is now parked in the garage. And family pictures hang in the living room.

But Lester and his wife have never set foot inside their new country club home! They live in California, and didn’t want to visit Florida during the lockdowns.

So instead they toured the five-bedroom mansion virtually, bought it, and then shipped the car and

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Here’s What It’s Like When Your Baby Dies During A Pandemic

My son is coding again. 

It’s the second time in 20 minutes, and by now, I know the drill. The doctor directs the team of nurses who surround my baby’s tiny body: They assemble like a regiment of soldiers, as she stands back and issues the orders. “One minute,” the doctor says, her voice sharp. My son’s primary night nurse starts counting off in fours, compressing again and again. 

It’s like every scene on

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Want To Leave The Country? Here’s How Much It Costs To Move Abroad.

We may not know the results of the 2020 election for several days or even weeks. But whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden ultimately wins the presidency, you may not be happy with the direction our country is headed.

“No matter who wins the election, I fear it will take longer than our lifetime to bring America back to pre-2016 election attitudes,” said Julie Darling, a recent expat.

Darling, her partner and their three dogs

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We Couldn’t Afford To Have Another Baby. Here’s Why We Did It Anyway.

The morning I walked into my obstetrician’s office to confirm my pregnancy, my bank account was overdrawn by more than $900. Anxiety coursed through my body as I sat in the waiting room listening for my name.

Would I owe a copay? If so, would they let me write a check so that I didn’t have to deal with the embarrassment from my debit card being declined? Would the overdrafted funds reverse back into my

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It’s not too late. Here’s all you need to know about mail-in voting – News – The Taunton Daily Gazette, Taunton, MA

With the clock ticking down and Election Day looming, many Massachusetts voters have already voted early in person or shipped off their ballots to be counted. But some voters are still getting the hang of this newly expanded mail-in voting system.

We’re here to help. We recently answered some of the top questions about mail-in voting in Massachusetts and asked readers to submit any lingering questions. Here’s what you asked:

I received a ballot, but

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Face masks and COVID-19 tests at Thanksgiving. Here’s how some families are celebrating.

Usually there are around 30 guests at Melanie Gaffin’s house on Thanksgiving.

This year, she’s planning for 10.

“Nobody including myself feels safe all being together,” Gaffin explained.

For families in New Jersey and across the nation, the coronavirus pandemic is turning Thanksgiving — ordinarily the antithesis of social distancing — into a tangled web of health concerns, disrupted traditions and heartache.

The federal Centers for Disease Control has warned that traditional Thanksgiving gatherings could

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If Trump and Biden tie, next president could be … Nancy Pelosi. Here’s how

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day …

A Trump-Biden tie in Electoral College could lead to … President Nancy Pelosi
With the 2020 presidential election just days away, many are speculating about what would happen if there is a tie in the Electoral College vote. One possible outcome could be … President Nancy Pelosi.

Although unlikely, an Electoral College tie is not

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A woman went missing for 12 days in Zion National Park. Here’s how her story led to an online frenzy

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Twelve days of searching for a woman in one of America’s most treacherous and beloved frontiers ended in a rescue.

Holly Courtier, a 38-year-old California mom, was found Oct. 18 in Zion National Park visibly famished, pounds lighter and dehydrated. She had a concussion, kidney failure, and foot injuries due to the cold, according to her family.

What was supposed to be a brief spiritual pilgrimage turned instead into a fight

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