The federal government’s chief information security officer is helping an outside effort to hunt for alleged voter fraud

Sandoval is one of several Trump appointees in the federal government — some in senior roles — who are harnessing their expertise for the project, according to the group’s leader. The participation of administration officials in the project shows the extent of the efforts by the president’s allies to justify […]

Hunt safe, hunt smart and hunt legal

Hunting is an important way to pass on family traditions and fill our freezers with healthy wild game meat. As we begin the Fortymile Caribou winter hunt, we want to make sure you are ready to get out and be successful in your harvest. On top of everything that you […]

Machine learning helps hunt for COVID-19 therapies

Newswise — Michigan State University Foundation Professor Guowei Wei wasn’t preparing machine learning techniques for a global health crisis. Still, when one broke out, he and his team were ready to help.  The group already has one machine learning model at work in the pandemic, predicting consequences of mutations to SARS-CoV-2. Now, Wei’s team has deployed another to help drug developers on their most promising leads for attacking one of the virus’ most compelling targets. The researchers shared their research in the peer-reviewed […]