These Are the 11 Best Ice Makers You Can Buy Online

best ice makers Best Option on Amazon: foodandwine – 120 Available at Amazon Best for Countertop: foodandwine – 109 Available at Home Depot Best for Under-Counter: foodandwine – 337 Available at Home Depot Best Small Option: foodandwine – 115 Available at Amazon Best Built-In Option: foodandwine – 2,700 Available at […]

The truth about ice dams

Ken Calverley and Chuck Breidenstein, Special to The Detroit News Published 5:16 p.m. ET Jan. 28, 2021 The Guys once heard an “expert” on the radio make a comment to the effect that “if your house has ice dams, you had a bad builder”. We disagree with that blanket assumption. […]

You’ve never heard of this N.J. ice cream company. But it’s a major player in the world of frozen desserts.

Fifty flavors of ice cream, including Ginger Ginger, the most seductive ginger since the one on Gilligan’s Island. Six flavors of mochi, the sweet, rice dough-wrapped ice cream popular in Asian communities. There’s also Dragon Eggs (a fudge crumble cookie topped with ice cream and enrobed with dark Belgian chocolate) […]

Only the misinformed want to abolish ICE

For almost three years we have all heard the battle cries from the left to “Abolish ICE.”  I heard it when I was the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and I still hear it in retirement. These verbal and increasingly physical attacks on law enforcement are dangerous to the […]