Fact check: Poland, Sweden and Norway did not file a lawsuit against the WHO for ‘infecting Europe’ with ‘chemtrails’

Posts on social media make the claim that Poland, Sweden and Norway “are suing” the World Health Organization (WHO) for “infecting Europe” with “chemical pneumonia” released from airplanes. Some iterations include the claim that Reuters reported on this alleged lawsuit. These claims are false: Reuters did not report this or […]

Lab-Made ‘Miniproteins’ Could Block the Coronavirus from Infecting Cells

While the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, many researchers are focused on developing effective therapeutics that can be rolled out quickly and cheaply. Monoclonal antibodies—a potentially promising laboratory-manufactured therapy modeled on antibodies extracted from the blood of recovering patients—made headlines recently when President Trump received a not-yet-approved antibody cocktail […]