Makeover of historic mansion becomes journey of discovery for Black family, their online followers

Any homeowner renovating a historic property knows there’s a possibility of discovering a surprise or two lurking behind the walls. Water damage, mildew, faulty wiring systems and more are not uncommon. But for Black homeowners, the surprises may be more than expensive or hazardous. Sometimes, they’re painful reminders of generational […]

My journey to the heart of darkness

SCATTERED over a couple of hectares of scrubland in a backwater of the former communist German Democratic Republic sits a collection of derelict buildings, strangled by half a century of neglect.  Visiting the former factory where cardboard boxes were made in Neuwegersleben was a vital part of my 14-year journey […]

2019 Car Purchaser Journey Examine Released

Recalls and software program issues are one thing no producer wants to deal with. This is the place over-the-air firmware updates and using secure boot can come in useful. This is true regardless of whether you’re speaking about automotive cyber safety or just cybersecurity for different industries. When you’ll find […]