What to do with kids in Knoxville over Thanksgiving


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be turned into a TV-only event, featuring performances from Broadway casts and Dolly Parton.


Happy Thanksgiving! Family fun time may look different with COVID-19, but Knox News has rounded up some activities you can do with your family over the holiday week.

While the holidays are often times we spend with extended relatives, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided recommendations for people who

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How to Balance Working From Home and the Kids’ Remote Learning (Without Losing It)

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For working parents, the pandemic hasn’t just been stressful, it’s felt impossible at times. Not only have you been challenged to meet the needs of your children as they adapt to remote-learning set-ups, but your career has evolved too, creating additional curveballs around every corner.

While we all know how important it is to prioritize self-care, take a bath, and eat clean, the reality is, sometimes the dinner menu kind of has to

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how to keep kids busy (and parents sane) in lockdown

Entertaining eight-year-old twins and a three-year old boy is a daunting challenge at the best of times. During lockdown, it all gets much harder.

Early one recent wet Sunday I had the day stretching out in front of me, and in a fit of parental wholesomeness (and desperation) I decided to get the paints out to paint Van Gogh-inspired abstract winter landscapes using potato prints.

It took me half-an-hour to fashion potato prints and cover

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My husband wants kids, and I don’t, but I have a solution: sex advice.

man and woman staring each other, with neon flashing outline of a baby between them
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images Plus.

How to Do It is Slate’s sex advice column. Have a question? Send it to Stoya and Rich here. It’s anonymous!

Dear How to Do It,

My husband and I have been together for four years and married for one. I love him immensely and would do just about anything for him—except have kids. We discussed this before getting married, and I was indifferent. I pushed

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Best Gaming Chairs for Kids 2020

Best Gaming Chair for KidsSource: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Gaming Chairs for Kids
Windows Central

Playing video games can be an excellent way to teach your child how to problem solve and boost their fine motor skills. Gaming is not only fun, but it can be extremely educational as well. What better way to motivate your child to learn than to buy them an excellent gaming chair? Allow your child to feel like they’re genuinely part of

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These kids, teachers are making school work during COVID. Here’s how.

Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.
Teacher David Finkle works with students in his classroom October 16 at DeLand High School in Florida.

Michelle Thompson can imagine her kindergarten students gathered around the tables that used to fill her classroom, building tiny houses from popsicle sticks, pieces of straw and toy cubes. She can almost hear their cheers when her wolf puppet fails to huff, puff and blow their structure down.

But since her Broome County, New York, school district transitioned

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5 ways to help kids cope in COVID-19 pandemic: Walton Foundation chief

Caryl M. Stern, Opinion contributor
Published 6:00 a.m. ET Nov. 10, 2020


Here’s what to think about if you’re thinking about allowing your child to have a play date.


We must remember to keep helping children deal with what will be the long-term implications of this troubling time.

We ask our children to be socially distant. The least we can do is be emotionally present.

For all the burdens that COVID-19 puts on

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‘Pony Up for Kids’ raises $46,000 for Stillwater schools | Education

The Partnership Plan’s first virtual fundraiser, “Pony Up for Kids! – Partnering With Today’s Classroom” included four days of online giving from Oct. 23 through Oct. 26.

The giving campaign included a virtual auction that featured customized items created by Stillwater High School Pathways Program students, peer to peer leaderboard competitions, donation matches from local businesses, giveaways, and a very special video highlighting the various programs and grants the organization provides to the students of

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The COVID-19 slide is really hurting kids. But there is a plan to catch up

We knew that COVID-19 was going to have a terrible impact on students, and now that the data are in, it’s worse than we thought it would be.

At least 30% of Dallas ISD students have “lost learning” in reading since the outbreak. And half have lost learning in math. The impact is most severe on Black and Hispanic students, according to DISD data.

That isn’t surprising given that those students often have far fewer

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This Group Built a Candy Catapult to Pelt Giddy Kids with Candy for a Truly Unique Halloween

Halloween 2020 was unlike any other celebration fo the holiday unlike any other. While most states didn’t recommend traditional trick-or-treating, a group of friends got together for a safe, socially distant project to help deliver candy to children in the most effective way: a catapult.

Live for Another, “an unstoppable community of kindness,” as their description on YouTube states, built the catapult and posted a video about their experience, flinging candy in Sacramento, California, on

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Gavin Newsom, Under Fire for California Thanksgiving Rules, Stirs Fresh Outrage Over Private School Kids

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing new criticism online following his Thanksgiving rules—this time regarding his own children’s in-person education.

Critics lashed out at the Democratic governor on Twitter after he revealed on Friday that he was sending his four kids—ages 4 to 11—back to in-person learning under a “phased-in approach” at a private school in Sacramento County, while public schools in the state are still waiting to reopen.

“They’re phasing back into school and

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Make their day with these kids’ Christmas decorations

Make Christmas extra special this year with cosy, sparkling touches that bring the magic home for children

With many of the usual seasonal treats off the table this year, from panto to the Nativity, there’s even more pressure on parents to make Christmas magical at home. Luckily, there are plenty of simple, easy ways to make your home and your kids’ rooms feel extra festive – and create that all-important glow of excitement for

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YouTube influencers are marketing junk food to kids

The study demonstrates how advertisers are seeking to take advantage of new avenues to market their wares to children.

“We should approach YouTube influencer videos with skepticism, even with videos that seem to be educational or kid-friendly,” said senior author Marie Bragg, an assistant professor of public health nutrition with joint appointments at New York University’s School of Global Public Health and Langone Medical Center.

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Coronavirus pandemic remote schooling surge spurs parents to make desks for kids in need

As remote schooling surged during the pandemic, parents across the country realized that many kids didn’t have desks at home.

So they got busy building, collecting and donating them, giving hundreds or thousands of students workspaces to call their own and helping them get through long days of virtual learning.

For Mitch Couch in the Central California town of Lemoore, inspiration struck when his 16-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son kept taking over the kitchen table

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Why Some Kids Are Shy In Remote Learning But Not In-Person Classes

There are many reasons why a child who is not usually introverted at school would be shy in a remote learning setting. (Photo: Mayur Kakade via Getty Images)
There are many reasons why a child who is not usually introverted at school would be shy in a remote learning setting. (Photo: Mayur Kakade via Getty Images)

Remote learning often comes with technical difficulties, but it also can bring about challenges with student engagement.

By now, most students have been in school for about a month and a half to two months, so if you’re a parent, you’ve likely noticed some patterns with your

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For some Snohomish County kids, a warehouse is a schoolhouse

SNOHOMISH — Back-to-school looked a lot different this year.

For 20 students in first through ninth grades, it meant reporting to the third floor of Electroimpact, an industrial aerospace company in the Mukilteo suburbs.

Meanwhile, in downtown Snohomish, seven kids kicked off the year doing Zoom classes in the back room of Malicious Women Co., a boutique candle shop.

With the pandemic delaying traditional in-person instruction, those companies and others set up supervised rooms on-site

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4 Questions To Gauge Your Kid’s Mental Health During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Kids have been through a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic began: school closures, massive changes to how they socialize and unrelenting uncertainty about what comes next.

Fortunately, mental health experts are quick to note, children are, on the whole, resilient. But there are plenty who are struggling. In one study, 60% of teens said they’re feeling lonely and 50% said they’re feeling anxious. Up to one-third of parents say they’ve noticed their children’s mental health

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Mom of 8 kids sets up cubicles at home to improve virtual learning: ‘A huge difference’

In today’s professional age, you’re never too young to get cozy in a cubicle.

A creative mom of eight has reconfigured a room in her home to serve as a virtual learning study space by deploying a go-to seating arrangement from the office days of yore: cubicles.

Heather James of Tempe, Ariz.,

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Online school? How to protect kids from hackers, predators

CINCINNATI — Millions of American children are spending this fall semester taking at least some of their classes online, through Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms.

And while many of the bugs, glitches and surprise Zoom “bombings” of this past spring have been fixed, experts say many threats remain.

Arneesha Collins, parent of an elementary-aged boy in Cincinnati Public Schools, worries what her son is exposed to when she is not watching.

“I already don’t

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Parents of college kids won’t stop having ‘the talk’ about Covid-19 protocol

“She told me she had moved off-campus to family friends of ours and then begged me to let her come home,” said Pelaez-Kingery, a health care worker who lives in Lake City, Texas. “Because of my job and her dad’s — he’s a critical care nurse — she knew there was no way she could come home if she was exposed to Covid-19 or tested positive.”

Texas A&M’s San Antonio campus has reported 51 cases
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