The Best Bread Machine for Your Baking Style

Love the taste and smell of homemade bread? Of course! Everyone loves a slice of freshly baked bread, but baking yeasted breads at home can be intimidating. Between the finicky yeast, kneading the dough and waiting for it to rise, from-scratch loaves can be a challenge—unless you’ve got a bread […]

Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine

The Doomsday Machine was never supposed to exist. It was meant to be a thought experiment that went like this: Imagine a device built with the sole purpose of destroying all human life. Now suppose that machine is buried deep underground, but connected to a computer, which is in turn […]

Japan debuts literal ‘hands-free’ vending machine for contactless purchases

Whether it’s robot waiters or self-driving couriers, the tech sector is coming up with solutions in the socially-distanced age. Now a company in Osaka, Japan debuted the first-ever foot-operated vending machine.  The innovative design, created by DyDo, aims to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The “hands-free” vending machine dispenses food and drinks, but customers use […]

Machine learning helps hunt for COVID-19 therapies

Newswise — Michigan State University Foundation Professor Guowei Wei wasn’t preparing machine learning techniques for a global health crisis. Still, when one broke out, he and his team were ready to help.  The group already has one machine learning model at work in the pandemic, predicting consequences of mutations to SARS-CoV-2. Now, Wei’s team has deployed another to help drug developers on their most promising leads for attacking one of the virus’ most compelling targets. The researchers shared their research in the peer-reviewed […]