RELIGION: Lost and found | Opinion

While running errands last week, I discovered that I had misplaced my favorite cloth face mask. First I scoured the interior of my car. Not there. Then I pawed through the packages in the trunk. Not there either. Unwilling to accept the inevitable, I went through the car a second […]

Opinion | Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on young people’s lives. We owe it to them to see this through.

It has wreaked havoc on their lives. Closed schools. Interrupted access to free lunch and essential technology. Canceled activities. Forced an inability to hang out with friends. In the United States’ desire to return to “normal” last year, we deprioritized young people. We floundered through decisions on closing schools and […]

Touch That Wall | Opinion

We live in a hurry up world. It’s a situation that may have gathered steam over 200 years ago with the invention of the railroad train, picking up the pace even more when automobiles showed up among the horse-drawn carriages. In the same century the Pony Express, the telegraph, and […]