Finding Dr. Right for your pet

If you’re a new pet owner or have you recently moved and are looking for a new, localveterinarian, there are a few things to consider while searching for the right veterinarian for your furry or feathered friend. General fee structure While price shouldn’t be the sole factor in deciding which […]

3 Stocks to Profit From the Pet Economy

Small, continual changes often go unnoticed until they are too big to ignore. One such consequential shift in America has been the concept of the nuclear family, notably as it relates to parenthood. In 1950, the U.S. birth rate was approximately 24 children per 1,000 people, versus 12 children per […]

All the essentials you need for your pet

If you’ve adopted a cat during lockdown, ensure you have everything you need to keep them happy, healthy and entertained: iStock/The Independent The 8 August marks International Cat Day, an annual event that has been celebrated since 2002. It was originally created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare which […]