At Home in High Point Terrace

Emily Adams Keplinger, Special to The Commercial Appeal Published 6:00 a.m. CT March 4, 2021 CLOSE Lockie and Peyton Wade, and their canine companion, Ellie, love their new home. (Photo: Craig Collier for Peyton and Lockie Wade recently moved back to Memphis from Nashville and bought their first home as […]

Prediction, point spread, odds, over/under

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled more than they ever have since trading for Anthony Davis in the summer of 2019. The Lakers are riding a four-game losing streak coming into Friday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, who come into Friday with a 3-game losing streak of their […]

‘A turning point’

Louisville is paying its largest settlement yet in the death of Breonna Taylor. Smoke from the West Coast is making its way eastward. And did John Bolton unlawfully disclose classified information? It’s Alex. Let’s get to the news. But first, the cutest creature in the galaxy is back: Baby Yoda returns, as adorable […]