‘Everyone has different ideas of what feels safe to them during COVID’: How 4 college students spent an unprecedented fall semester

This summer, MarketWatch spoke to four college students as they prepared for a fall semester unlike any other. We recently checked back in to see how the pandemic has affected their studies and the way they’re thinking about their futures.  The fall semester has been busy for Luz Chavez. The […]

Fayetteville police advise holiday shoppers to be safe

As the holiday shopping season approaches, many people will be in search of deals.  But thieves will be in search of steals.   The COVID-19 pandemic will lead many Americans to shop online. That will give thieves the chance to take packages they are left on porches and doorsteps.   More: Fayetteville police investigate more carjackings […]

Hunt safe, hunt smart and hunt legal

Hunting is an important way to pass on family traditions and fill our freezers with healthy wild game meat. As we begin the Fortymile Caribou winter hunt, we want to make sure you are ready to get out and be successful in your harvest. On top of everything that you […]

Is It Safe to Have Dinner Together Inside?

To check these types of websites, “you have to be interested,” says Tara Kirk Sell, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “And if you’re already someone who thinks this is important, and you’re checking out your numbers of cases per 100,000,” you’re probably already doing […]