How To Sell a Luxury Real Estates

11/02/2020, Long Island // KISSPR // Selling a luxury property involves too many challenges. And, finding potential buyers for properties worth millions of pesos requires a lot of patience, since these types of houses tend to last longer in the market than those that are more affordable. A luxury property […]

13 things Costco has decided it won’t sell anymore

13 things Costco has decided it won’t sell anymore Costco often sends members and fans into a frenzy when news breaks of a popular item’s discontinuation. Some departing products have inspired online petitions, others quietly disappeared from store shelves or the food court menu. Once a product enters the warehouse […]

Dr. Lori: It’s prime time to sell your toy political collectibles [art and antiques column] | Food + Living

The vintage toy market is nearly as emotionally charged as the political landscape. During campaign season, which keeps getting longer and longer nowadays, the most popular political — specifically, presidential — collectibles come in the form of playthings, games or toys. From bobbleheads to Beanie Babies, now is the time […]

Rolls-Royce to sell shares as virus cuts travel

LONDON — Rolls-Royce Holdings plans to raise 2 billion pounds ($2.6 billion) by selling shares to existing investors after airlines around the world cut flights in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, slashing revenue for the jet-engine maker. The London-based company said Thursday it also plans to raise at least 1 […]

The ‘hard sell’ awaiting the bereaved

Laura Allen, divisional operations manager for the south of the UK, agreed. “Great update Russ!” she gushed in an email. The precise order in which clients were offered those choices was a contentious point. Soon after arriving at the company last year, Mr Turnbull sent staff a step-by-step guide to […]

How To Sell a Car

When you’re ready to purchase a new set of wheels, you have the option of trading in your old vehicle or selling it privately. Autotrader points out that a dealer makes a trade-in deal simply by handling all the paperwork, but sellers could actually make hundreds or even thousands of […]

Websites to Sell Your Stuff for Cash

If you find yourself surrounded by too much stuff, there are plenty of places on the internet to sell your clutter. Some websites specialize in particular items — such as clothing, collectibles, car or electronics — while others may be good places to sell anything and everything you no longer […]