Who is behind the fake Trump Presidential Library website? We talk to the anonymous architect

A New York-based architect, who has asked to remain anonymous, has imagined a fictitious Trump Presidential Library on the U.S.-Mexico border that contains an “Alt-Right Auditorium” (seen above), a “COVID Memorial” and a “Hall of Enablers.” (djtrumplibrary.com) With President Trump having lost the election (regardless of what he said in […]

Friends First, Now Collaborators, Talk New Collection

The street, c’est chic. Friends first and now collaborators Bobby Kim, Los Angeles’ pioneering streetwear founder of The Hundreds, and Clare Vivier, designer of her namesake Cali-French women’s accessories brand, are releasing their first collection together on Thursday. The Hundreds x Clare V features a unisex leather tote, fanny pack, […]