A video timeline of the Nashville explosion

(Videos by Nashville Ink and Rodizio Grill The Brazilian Steakhouse) Nashville residents were jolted awake by a loud explosion in the city’s historic downtown district on Christmas morning. The bomb, hidden inside a recreational vehicle, devastated businesses in the area and disrupted AT&T communication networks throughout the state. Officials described […]

an ancient timeline through the landscape

Britain boasts a past that’s far stranger than might be expected. Those who look far enough back can discover cannibals, shamans and sun, moon and water-worshippers, Christian initiations and pagan bog sacrifices. There’s also evidence of prehistoric mummification, 20th-century magic and all manner of sites that blend old and new […]

Nas called Doja Cat ‘the opposite’ of ‘unapologetically Black’ in his latest single. Here’s a timeline of how the Doja Cat was canceled, and then uncanceled, for what some are calling her ‘racist past.’

Doja Cat is best known for singles like “Say So” and “Juicy.” Scott Dudelson/Getty Images Videos have surfaced online that appear to depict Doja Cat participating in “racist chat rooms” along with a song from 2015 that used a racist term that originated on 4chan. The singer posted an apology […]