Company builds Las Vegas tiny homes

Tiny living gifted Sally Lushin with a larger perspective on life. Courageously referring to herself as a rape survivor, Lushin remembers living like a prisoner in her own home after a violent home invasion that occurred 33 years ago. Struggling to rebuild her life, the outspoken speaker, writer and advocate […]

the tiny homes making a big difference

Restful place: Chloe Massey and Talib Saleh made their first small home on their travels. They now live in a converted American school bus – Indigo & Olive In March, Ikea unveiled its latest project. Tiny Home, made in partnership with Escape Homes and Vox Creative, was designed after a […]

Unique tiny homes around the world

Tiny Homes Beyond Compare Sure, tiny homes are cool and fun to look at, but after a while, they all start to look more than a little bit alike. That is not the case, however, with this roundup of miniature abodes. From jaw-dropping yurts to tree-suspended boats and biblically inspired […]

9 hidden dangers of owning a tiny home

Love the idea of a tiny house? Here’s what you need to know about the subtle and sometimes-hidden costs in these exercises in lilliputian living. They’re not all that new as a concept The tiny-house movement isn’t exactly new. Those in search of tranquility have long been seeking to carve […]