The power of touch: Boutique stretching thrives amid COVID

Pandemic-weary Americans starved for human interaction and physical touch are taking advantage of a growing wellness option once reserved for Hollywood actors, rock stars and elite athletes: boutique stretching. Vaccine_Outbreak-Boutique_Stretching_56001 Tara Albarron, 32, works with client Ron Bryant, 55, of Beaver Creek, Ohio, during an assisted stretching session at StretchLab […]

Touch That Wall | Opinion

We live in a hurry up world. It’s a situation that may have gathered steam over 200 years ago with the invention of the railroad train, picking up the pace even more when automobiles showed up among the horse-drawn carriages. In the same century the Pony Express, the telegraph, and […]

Brookings Register | A touch of homemade

BROOKINGS – Are you already thinking ahead to Christmas presents and wondering how you will afford them? I know everyone’s a little short on money this year with COVID-19 hitting us in the wallets.  Here’s an idea: MAKE Christmas gifts this year.  It’s usually much less expensive to make something […]

Home Touch: A clean getaway

Mary G. Pepitone, Special to The Detroit News Published 6:01 p.m. ET Nov. 19, 2020          Homeowners are coming clean when it comes to the bathroom amenities they desire. People are refreshing their bathrooms to minimize clutter, provide an escape from stress, and promote wellness, according to a 2020 National […]