Arts And Leisure Tours

Businesses oriented towards staycations and home travel have benefited during this tough time, similar to on-line house-rental businesses, as personal transport is becoming even more well-liked. Those who’re operationally flexible and adaptable will win. As we strategy the winter season within the northern hemisphere, the long run is very uncertain, […]

Will Art Lovers Open Their Wallets for Online Tours?

LONDON — Since the National Gallery’s blockbuster “Artemisia” exhibition opened in October, art lovers have had to jump through hoops to see it. Travel restrictions have kept international visitors away, the fear of catching the coronavirus hangs over the city’s public transportation system, and rolling lockdowns — or the threat […]

Colleges revamp admissions, campus tours, amid pandemic

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – At Roanoke College, fall usually means college tours are in full swing, prospective students and parents clustering around a tour guide. This year, things look a little different, by design. “What’s really exploded are the virtual visit opportunities,” said Roanoke College’s Vice President for Enrollment Brenda […]