Custom 1953 Ford F-100 Truck With a Coyote Bite

How a category 4 hurricane changed the course of this stunning 1953 Ford pickup. © Hot Rod Network Staff 001-1953-FORD-PU-YOUNG-GREEVES This 1953 Ford F-100 pickup, packed with a Ford Coyote engine, started out as a mild driver. Those plans changed when Hurricane Charley showed up. Load Error JT Young owns […]

Lordstown Motors pushes forward with Endurance truck

Farmington Hills — Now that Lordstown Motors Corp. has the financial backing it needs, the electric vehicle startup is hoping to beat its competition to market by delivering its electric truck by next September. Northeast Ohio-based Lordstown Motors and DiamondPeak Holdings Corp., a special purpose acquisition company, completed a merger that makes the […]

Every upcoming electric pickup truck

It’s almost 2021, and there is still not a single battery-powered truck you can buy new in America. And yet, the list of carmakers trying to snag a slice of this lucrative segment grows on a regular basis, and electric pickups are will begin flooding the market during the first […]